Need help with a Sugar Daddy

I have a sugar daddy who helps me with basic stuff such as my rent and groceries.He doesnt live in the country where i live,but we have met for sure.Sometimes he acts very annoying, he has got private problems too,since he is married.

I dont like to meet many men to have money or luxuries.I am after some basic help which i need.Such as now, my course fees,visa fees,electricity bills,doctor check ups and now some medical treatment.I feel its hard to keep asking him because of his weird behaviour sometimes.

So,to make it short, can someone maybe tell me a spell or magic,or talisman,which has worked for them,in order to bring them more amounts of money ? I ve already searched this Forum and saw some posts for general money stuff like jobs and promotions,but in my case,its for this man.All i know is,his full name and pictures.I didnt want to do a love spell on him,because i am doing that on another person and didnt want to disturb and confuse the demons.I want to do something particularly on this man,so whenever i ask him,he gives it to me more easily.Also,it may work with other sugar daddies in future,if i choose,to change this man and work on another… I am very badly stuck in financial problems…So i appreciate your answers. Thanks.

Maybe you should join @Zyskal’s group. You may wanna PM him for an invitation, but it’s serious work about self-transformation in order to become very wealthy, not just about making a couple more thousands buck per month.

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