Need help with a few dreams and other things

I’m trying to be more open on the forums with my dealings so I can better understand things.
(Idk if some of this is subjective or not, kinda need help with that, discerning what is true and false. Hell some of these could just be dreams, weird dreams and mean nothing.)

So a bit of context, just as I started getting into the occult, I made a ouija board with paper, marker, and a shot glass as a plachete, it actually worked and I was surprised that I made contact with 2 entities, a demon known as Lamb, and an Eldritch known as JD, long story short me and my friends banished JD, freed lamb from him, and apparently I’m lambs champion (Something to due with the fire of a thousand angels, more info in my intro, and her wanting me to fight for her in hell). Lamb is around 2000 years old, egyptian, and was a sacrificial lamb in an enochian ritual chamber, and has a bright white aura.

Ok so now that thats over lets get to the dream. Early last year she gave me a dream about a sacrifice/offering she would like, I asked the day before. Something about a red root in the shape of a pentagram and this really old bread from egypt, and I was supposed to put it on the root pentagram and light it and the bread on fire. However to this day I still don’t know what root it was.

And another dream, I think it wasnt really a dream but more of an astral projection but couldnt fully interpret it. So I was looking for angelic locations on earth and came across a gateway to hell in a hotel , and it was like a storefront, a face of satan was on the front and on the corners was the rune for ash running up and down. Cant remember much of inside the store but Lamb was there and then I saw a floating mirror and she said I could always see this place from my room.

And the final dream, which I think I allready understand. So it started out as an ordinary dream, me and my friend were running around a subway and there was a tourist shop, and there was this witch there, my friend dissapeared, and it felt as if this witch were speakking to me from outside my dream, and said something along the lines of “do not be afraid” or something I cant remember. Then one of the newest demons here walked down the stairs, a black shadowy mass, and I was filled with dread. She then said something else to me, something I needed to do (Forgot what she said) And I got super pissed and the demon, walked over to him, and grabbed him by the throat and said “Be free” and he was surrounded in a golden fire/light and was transformed from the black mass into a young boy and was happy with me.

I’m not that good at divination and I know the ouija board is a big no go, it can be lied through. And I suspect I am astral projecting places in my sleep and not remembering it.