Need help with a curse

“Most evil curse I’ve ever used” EA koeting YouTube video where’s he’s uses shoe box, chicken feet, black ribbon, picture. He states that the “spirit” won’t let the person die. Has anyone done this curse. Is there more to this curse? Do I need to call to the spirit? Which spirit? Is there certain words of a spell I need to speak? I don’t want to do this wrong.

Personally if you know the name of the spirit it will help the spell work more. Plus staying your intent to the spirit may also help also if you know the name of the curse you can find out more about this curse.

That’s the thing it’s a YouTube video. I don’t know if that’s all there is to it. If you want to look it up, it’s called “the most evil curse I’ve ever used”.

Hm. Personally I think it might be someone looking for either f
Views or likes have you checked the comments section to see if the tuber added anything to it?

Yea idk but I’ll keep looking thanks.

No problem

Yes i’ve done it, and EA was referring to general spirits of darkness and sickness rather than a specific one.

It’s my first curse I have several people keep hurting me over reasons I don’t know. Do you know the names of the spirits.

That curse calls upon legions of spirits of destruction and suffering, if you want to call on a specific name for it then by all means do so, or you can use an Incantation like this.

“I’chalaz Itz’rechel

Ahn’tal Ah’tan’tel


Me Vaskalla Pert’ent’itzu”

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Thanks I wish there was a step by step formula. I can’t afford his books and programs right now.

Seems pretty step by step to me, and a spirit was mentioned, been awhile seen i read this.
“I sought out the advice of a black witch, a dark sorceress, trained in the rites of Pomba Gira, an Umbanda “goddess” of passion, sexuality… and death.”

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Thanks a bunch. I will try this.

Did you get successful results with this?

Yes, i wouldn’t post on such things if i hadn’t verified the effects first.

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