Need help when I don't have a last name

Hey, all.

I’ll try to sum up the situation as concisely as possible.

Let’s see.

I was in an abusive relationship for many years and had pretty much given up on ever being able to leave my ex. Anyway to make a long story short I started getting my confidence back at my new job, then I started flirting with a coworker and developed a psychic link with him. I then decided that if I would never escape my (now) ex husband, I may as well start practicing magick again(something he had utterly forbidden), and started doing sex magick to leave him. I left my ex, and have started divorce proceedings, but the paperwork is currently tied up in the legal system.

After leaving my ex, I had a short window of time with my coworker, who most definitely also feels the link because I am able to pull him to me almost as though the two of us are attached by a magnet.

However… the problem is the nature of his job. I made the mistake of asking him if he wanted to hang out, causing him to back away completely and stop talking to me, although he still is always around me and shows up wherever I am constantly, though we never speak. I will smile at him and then say hello using our link, and he will show up in my department “coincidentally”. However recently every time it happens, his boss is with him, and seems to be making a concentrated effort to prevent us from speaking. The whole situation is very frustrating for me, because we can’t speak on the floor (he works plainclothes security), and I can’t seem to catch him alone without one of the bosses watching us. I did a stop gossip spell so that people would stop talking about the two of us, but it seems like no matter what I do (sigils, remote seduction, Lanie Stevens BWD), he won’t speak to me anymore. Apparently he’s been with the company his whole life, and he’s a company man through and through, so if anyone finds out, we would both lose our jobs. But I’ve never had a link with someone like this before, and I don’t want to lose him.

I want to do love ritual on him to get him to pursue me on the down low, however, I don’t know his last name and he isn’t on social media(though I did find a picture of him). In your experiences, is the last name absolutely necessary? Or will the picture and first name suffice?

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I didn’t use my ex’s last name when I cast a spell to bring him back. It didn’t even occur to me that I would need to, since I knew exactly who I was talking about. Still worked.

People didn’t have surnames for much of human history. Some ethnic/cultural groups (the Welsh, some Jewish populations) only adopted them when required to do so by law.

Go for it and good luck!


Thanks! I’m pretty confident now.

Remain confident. I’ve faced this issue a few times and what I found was that you can create a barrier to the success of your magick by overthinking. If you begin to be anxious about not having the surname then you can inadvertently make the surname a requirement because it’s something you think you need, if that makes sense. Like it is a secret that holds some special power and you must discover it before you can wield any control. In my opinion, a picture is a far superior sympathetic link to a person than a surname, and even knowing their astrological sign and using that symbol, or any of their ‘personal concerns’, for example, their business name or a university they attend.
Good luck (but you won’t need it) :smile:


In an interesting turn of events, a friend of mine was able to find out his last name, so now I also have his DOB.

It is most definitely moving along, though :grin:

Have you heard of Padlock ancient love spell ? When this is done , it s an obsession and attractive love spell. This is done in a local spiritual padlock and hanged somewhere hidden or thrown in the sea

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No, I haven’t heard of that. Right now I’m doing a honey jar but am going to layer some other stuff on top of it.

Padlock love spell is done in an old lock… after every spell casted in it… it will be locked and be kept in a safe place… the old the lock , the older love burns

If you don’t mind, it seems like this will give you both a lot of anxiety in the long run, since you’re not addressing the real issue: he is a company man and both of you could end up without a job.

So, why don’t you try to get another job on the side? That should fix it, right?

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Yes, that is my intent after half a year or so in my new position. It’s not the correct path, unfortunately I was swayed by promises of a big raise that isn’t coming.

Also, another woman is now trying to compete with me for him. It’s very irritating.

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Have you tried freewill stick love spell on him ?

Her evocation is here somewhere.


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