Need help understanding the demonic hierarchy

I hear a lot of the times Lucifer is at the top of the demonic hierarchy. Why is this, what is it based off of?

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Yeah I tried looking all over this forum for it. I found one post by EA. If I find it I will tell u. If I remember.


Depends on who you speak with. A number of times throughout history, the one whom was the “Top Devil” was based off certain beliefs at the time as well as whatever the Roman Catholic Church wanted to record and push. So really, the “who’s who” on the Heirarchy is a matter of perspective as far as Titles go.

To open your eyes a little bit, Belial has showed me part of the Heirarchy and it represents in a sense modern Society of where the Demonic Realm overlaps the human realm. Look to the Legal/Law/Political systems to get a better idea of how the heirarchy would look.

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Perhaps it originates from the “fallen angel of light” argument; when he is at the top, his rank is emperor. Other times, Satan may be at the top (in yet another case, Beelzebuth) and Lucifer is considered the air demon.

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i see The king Belial in all these spheres!