Need help training Astral senses

Do you guys know of any books with techniques and exercises to help develop the astral senses?

I’ve been performing the LBRP and have noticed my astral senses grow but honestly, it’s taking to long with this method.

Need a book with exercises or even rituals to enhance my senses.

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Asenath Masonn’s book Draconian Ritual deals with a lot of techniques from energy and Kundalini Rising, meditating on the chakras, as well as involving several spirits to help in those situations such as Belial, Lilith, Samauel, etc.



You can try youtube videos on the subject. They give great tips.
One thing I as a newbie can teach you. I have the same problem. Only when I fall a sleep the first time or the second time then I automatically seem to get the TGS. I can hear voices and see things. So now the task to control this.

This means that you need to take the correct amount of time to get in the TGS (theta-gamma sync) or power meditative state. Someone adviced. Don’t find it strange that you need at least 20 minutes in the beginnen.

Another thing the above tells you, being tired helps. So do it before sleep or after a busy working day, sports etc…

Reading and learning about it puts your subconscious in the right state to. For example reading about the spirit you want to contact.

The most important thing is, take time and don’t give up. And yes that’s hard for me to.

Take care.

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Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos has all of the development techniques you will need to develop your senses. EAs Evoking Eternity and Works of Darkness have some as well, though not as many as Konstantinos book… And then there is the grandfather of them all, Franz Bardon`s Initiation Into Hermetics, which you can find for free on the Interwebs.


fuck that noise! you familiar with sigil magic? make a sigil to increase your astral senses.


initiation into hermetics


:+1: this is good.
It is going to take some time these senses are like muscles they take some time to develop. If you can sense the movement of energy and the general idea of the volume.
Start incorporating the invocations of the elements in your rituals for manifestation. Depending on the goal, money spells for example amount of energies invoked will have an effect on level of manifestations.

It is a slow process until you build up these muscles, BUT it teaches you to trust in you ability to handle your power through experience.

If i am remembering the correct video EA mentions “the magick muscles” idea here

If it isnt still alot of good info :grin:

Hope this helps.

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I like your style.

know any sigils to help with increasing my senses or any links to sites?

High Magic I & II by Frater U.D. The author goes through the process of initiation, it starts with the LBRP and concludes with evocation and other advanced workings. He includes several exercises to develop your astral senses.