Need help to punish a few people badly. I have no idea at all how! Kindly guide me

I don’t know how my request for help will be perceived. But idk what to do. I’m seething with rage. All my life I’ve been nothing but kind and yet i have received nothing but contempt.

So the story is some girls in my class are bullying me. Taunting me and insulting me indirectly. They’re even doing my character assassination saying that I smoke weed and that I’m a slut. I don’t even smoke!! I’ve never even touched weed. and I’m not slutty at all!!

They mock me so much…Whenever they see me they smirk and make mean faces and laugh. It hurts me!!!
I can’t take this anymore!! I wanna hurt a few that really crossed their limits. I want them to feel the pain that i feel. I want their downfall.

Please help me.

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They’ve even misguided me so much related to studies and like a fool i trusted them and lost my good grades too!! Just because i was getting good marks they couldn’t digest that so they did this to me.

And our teachers also like them mostly. many of these bullies get good grades now but they have knocked down all my confidence. I feel so mych social anxiety because of them!! Even though i used to be so confident before. I want the teachers to hate them. I want their friends to hate them. I want them to fail in their studies!!

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I want them to feel alone and miserable and have people insult them when they’re hurting the most

This is a thing you can take advantage of magically. Here’s how to turn that into fuel for a working:

And a working you can use it for:
This example is a death curse, and as states at the end "You can use the same powers and the same methods to heal yourself, to help others, to open up opportunities in your life, and to begin building the kind of world that you’ve always wanted to live in."


How would you punish the people that hurt you like this? Like in your opinion what should be the punishment of such people?
what would you do? What spirits would you ask for help in their destruction?

Personally, I’d chalk it up to experience and see them as weak, dumb and unevolved. Bullies are like that because they were already bullied by their parents, it’s what they know, so It’s punishment enough that they are them.

Meanwhile, I get to feel superior and that boosts my ego knowing I’m not only not like that, I have now learned to trust myself more thanks to them. I’m better in every way.


The most popular ones would be spirits like Abaddon for overall destructiveness or Andras, who excels in stuff like sowing discord in their group. I’ve heard Lucifer has been very effective against bullies.

But honestly, what I get from what you share is that these bullies take away your power and sense of self worth. The links from EA that Mulberry shared are a good start in learning how to construct a baneful spell using sympathetic magick (turning your rage into magickal power) If you choose not take the high road and leave those childish girls do their sad thing. I would start by doing a baneful spell without the help from spirits, using your own power.
it will probably be just as effective and has the extra benefit that by acting without any help, you take back your power.

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How about you building your self concept so you don’t care and tell them to f off instead of trying to get revenge on fools?


very good

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I might but I’m trying not to be like them. Idk why these ppl treat me like that. Many in my class are against me and don’t like me at all. if i say the wrong word or do the wrong thing they’ll even do worse character assassination. Might even complain to the teachers or chairman of dept.

Have you ever personally worked with any of these powerful spirits?

I would advise you to go watch Dylan James on youtube, he talks a lot about self concept and how to change self so you get stronger so you get results in the outside world. You don’t need curses.

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Dylan James, no curses but you can freeze them out of your life, this ALWAYS worked for me. Put them in the freezer. Write their name on a piece of paper, you can also write fuck off or fuck out of my life or whatever along those lines lol, you can spit on it if you want, I did. Then put the paper in the freezer. All the people I hated at word got out when I did this, were moved to other positions out of my hair or left altogether.

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[Edit]Good question, smart of you to ask that[\Edit]

I have an ongoing connection to Lucifer and Abaddon, but not really for baneful works. Mainly for aid in my quest for knowledge and insights. Although I have only asked Abaddon to aid in my baneful works once. It worked swiftly and a bit more brutally than intended. I had some problems with a wiccan. I just wanted her to fear taking action against me and leave me alone, but within weeks her whole coven fell apart.

I had help from Andras once with a manager at work who was talking shit behind my back. The spell was quite simple, but effective. He was a lot more friendly the very next day and my “spies” at work told me they did not hear him say anything out of line about me.
Andras might not be a good recommendation if you have no extensive experience with connecting to spirits. Most advice would against it. He’s pretty intense. I don’t always follow that kind of advice, though ^^
I’ve been checking in with Andras regularly since and he has become a valuable guide on how to take on (mundane world) adversity head on.


This is very helpful. Tysm for guiding me!!

I hope, with whatever action you choose to take or not take, you’ll find some peace.

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