Need help To hear spirits

So im trying to develop my clairaudience more
So that i will be able to hear spirits.
The main reason i wanna develop my clairaudience
More is because i wanna be able to hear and communicate with Lucifer.
And i found this video and i was wondering if it actually works.

I would really appreciate if i got an answer


I can’t say for certain if this video particularly will help.
Hearing spirits was one of the things I’ve been able to do since I was very young. hearing them both audibly and telepathically. best advice I could offer is practice, practice, practice.
Sit in perfect silence and listen to the sounds.
call a particular Spirit forth and ask them to speak with you. explain to them what you’re aiming for. certain Demons like King Paimon or King Bael will be able to assist.
keep us updated how it goes.