Need help, sort of urgent

I agree with Norse. Start the first year and endure it. Psychiatrists require a medical degree, it helps if you have one year at least as a psychologist. The reason why is many disorders stem from biochemistry in the brain. The reasopn for all the medications :slight_smile:

When I started school, I had no plan, no vision, no goals other than to get through the semesters. When I transferred to a university of michigan dearborn branch, I took some courses there, as a guest. I didnt do well.
I transferred to Eastern Michigan University and started anthropology, my number one interest. I started to take psychology classes and found I did well in some, and horrible in others. I finally switched to Computer Science, doing marginally okay, burned myself out and got kicked out of school.

So, the grass isnt always greener on the other side.

But, your passion for psychology shows, and I would endure the one year, get a loan or better yet a grant, if you qualify, to shift the money to your responsibility.

A word of advice: pay them off quickly when youre done.

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Thank you!

@Fuego Fortunately it’s cheaper than med school, and depending on how my parents will pay the tution I’ll get a discount. If they pay for all 3 years together then we get a discount upto 1,00,000 INR. It’s expensive to pay semi anually than anually. Hopefully I won’t have much debt. I have some plans regarding finances though.