Need help selecting entity to work with

Okay, so I want to make a pact with an entity, but you could use some advice on who and some info on that one. I want to make a pact with one that can bring unto me power over women. Like, love and lust but also like if I need something done the will do it without hesitation and be more than happy to. At first glance, satanachia seems to be my best guess, but I can’t find much info on him and I think he may possibly be irritated at me for other reasons (I assigned him a task and decided not do it, then I summoned him a few more times to ask why and all and ended up pestering him a bit I think). Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t quite like that sentence haha. I think of it more like a relationship, like a buddy helping you out with something. King Paimon is good with rhetoric and manipulation, but he is a king and won’t just do whatever you want, unless variables. Astaroth has associations with lust i believe. I’m not sure if entities will appreciate the whole do what I like aspect. Just my personal opinion is all.

King Paimon won’t help you with love though. He believes that you should be doing other more important things than running around with lovers and stuff. Though he can give you advice if you need it really much on that matter. He is also really great at manipulation, teaching you all arts(music, painting etc.) and secrets and generally knowledge. He is also a perfect strategist. He is also very friendly and doesn’t ask for blood as an offering. But you must treat him with the greatest respect possible. Remember, he IS a king.


I don’t really like that phrase either that much. I mean that king Paimon, as well as any other spirit won’t like to have you ordering it around. Just treat all spirits with respect. Remember that they are not servants but gods.


I mean it as a buddy system not like demanding them or treating them as servants. I see the spirits as equals to me


For love, I would recommend one of the following deities: Asmodeus, Aphrodite, or Freya.

Oh I see. Then that would be fine. Many spirits work that way once you connect with them or once you work with them for some time. King Paimon is a spirit I respect and I’m loyal to, so I will simply say that if you want knowledge he is the one

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I’m not necessarily going for knowledge but thank you! I plan to go after knowledge soon after this endeavor and I’ll call him up.

Interesting idea, and I may go for it later on.

After reading back over my post, I feel I should clarify : I meant the girls would be more than happy to do as I ask not the spirits. I was hoping to find a spirit that has that kind of power and I could pact with it.