Need help regarding invocation

I’m tired of searching here and there and finding absolutely useless results… I really want to perform an invocation but I want a detailed step by step instructions. Every one over here says they can perform it but never disclose how they do it. Please help me by giving a step by step detail of how to invoke a spirit


What sorts of spirits are you looking to invoke? Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand has instructions for angel invocation.
I will also add that invocation, evocation and possession are in basically the same.


Thank you so much. What about demonic invocation

You may want to consider the Simple Evocation tutorial before invoking.

Invocation is an overloaded term. To some authors, it seems to mean more about pulling an entity qualities into you than actually pulling the entity into you. Others treat it as more of a partial possession experience.

Don’t just limit your searches to Balg, either. Demon plates also produces methods/ways of.doing this you may resonate more with.

And if you’re going to pull an entity into your body, you should probably know what it feels like through several evocation first.


You’re referring to Brand’s (and similar) works, right, because that style is the only way that sentence holds true.


Invocation can be accomplished with meditation but I would wine and dine the spirit you’re trying to invoke first.

So I would suggest writing up a prayer to call the spirit you want to commune with into you. Make sure to stroke it’s ego and include an offering (good incense, a few drops of blood on it’s sigil, etc.)

You might also include it’s enn at the end of your request and use it as a mantra when you meditate.

You really have to set the mood and let go when you meditate. Just let the spirit take control of the experience. Losing yourself and being open to the spirit you’re invoking is key.


Here you go.


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