Need help regarding a demon under King Amaymon commandment

My previous post is about Arakan. I got into left hand path because of arakan. The more I evoke King Amaymon, the more I am getting difficulties with this spirit. This spirit (arakan) gets into me in trance. I am aware whats happening when he is in me. The amount alcohol he drinks is extremely high. Once he leave’s my body, I wont be drunk at all. At a point I think he a trickster spirit. I have done banishing ritual. He will be there smilling at me. But he do guides with King Amaymon evoking or even ritual. The only statement he said is he is under King Amaymon’s commandment and he is Leviathan. He also said he’s tongue is a serpent. I have even asked King Lucifer and also King Amaymon. I dont get satisfying answers from them. I have even went to a Chinese trance practice place, where this guy gets into trance(tua li ya pek). I asked him regarding this matter and I got into trance just after asking him. Seems like this both spirits are friends and they started drinking alcohol. Arakan drank two bottles of gold label (raw)non stop. I was actually scared, confused and cant even vomit. As usual , once he left my body, I was not drunk. The trance guy told its better not to find about him at the moment. If there is anyone reading this, hope I could get help on this matter. Its quite hard having a spirit that drinks alchohol like water.

And he is extremely playful and does not like religions and tradition.

Sorry if my english is a bit off.Working on it.

Yo WTF mate. You literally have a frigid powerful ally residing within you. Use this rare gift wisely o drunken master

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If he is under Amaymon then that’s perfect I presume

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If a spirit were to pull this with me, I’d kick them out.

Are they paying for the alcohol they drink? No?

Are you getting other benefits from the relationship? If not, kick it out until you start benefiting from it. It’s clearly benefiting from you.


Sorry for the late reply, did lbrp and there is no sign of him till date. But I got another spirit which is making me think is it the same in a different form. After the lbrp i was weak and tired for 4 days. Now im regaining. Anyway thanks for the text. Got me thinking.:wink:

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