Need help quick

Girl ive been seeing is being sexually assaulted by spirits and i cant help but feel like its my fault.

Ive put up wards and done banishments but it seems attatched to her specifically. So i consecrated some water and cleansed the house once again and performed an excorcism on her.

I need something more permanent because im not always around. These spirits probably followed me into her life w my practice and i feel awful.

Any help would be appreciated

What happened when you did the exorcism? What was it able to return even though you have wards up?

You’re doing the right things with the right idea, so If you have a handle on that you can fix issues with these so they work properly.

Also, make sure she’s not just undoing it all by giving them permission, which can happen by her having a weak attitude that she can’t stop it.


Thats the thing. She doesnt believe in her own authority to command these beings. That was the first thing i told her to do is to claim her space and command them to leave

I divined and know the wards and banishments work. Even during the excorcism i sensed them jumping out very quickly. She just isnt in the right headspace to claim her space & i also found out shes been using meth as well.

She claims this was happening before she was using but i know these influences make them way worse. I think my only course of action is to divorce myself from the situation after doing all i can.

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Yes sadly sometimes you have to let people do what they’re going to do, it’s her life and it sounds like she knows the score well enough. Even if you killed these ones there might be more later because she’s making herself open to it.