Need help please! Please haha

Hey guys I need help! I have something going on with Duke Sallos but I’m not sure if his left me or needs more time to work on what I’ve asked him… Is there anyone on him willing to ask him for me? Or even ask Lucifer for me? I really need help on this and would appreciate it guys!!!

Try divination

Yeah I’ve tried but I don’t know if im doing it right but I’ll keep trying

My senses are hit and miss when it comes to communication, what methods have you tried?

Ive tried Penny divination but I feel as if I’m doing it wrong or having an imposter spirit play around with the answers as my answers are mixed

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That’s what I’ve been doing, salt the pennies first? I’ve pretty much gone I need a stronger response to what I’ve felt was the spirits displeasure/amusement as the case may be, but I’ve received one with consistency

I never salted the pennies I just use one coin and flip it four times…

Salt them, like you would any new ritual item.

Four pennies because those odds are about 1/8 all four to be one thing

True I will do that tonight! Thanks

May be a silly question but how do you salt them?

I used salt and water, let them soak for a while, clear all the residual bulkshit from them. Can add some of your blood later if you want

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Awesome thanks for that