Need help on the 2nd ritual from the book Demons of Magick

So I’ve been trying to do the 2nd ritual from the book Demons of Magick but I keep messing up when I go through my practice runs. I either forget what to say on one part or I either completely skip a part by accident. When I do this I sit down and go back to my notes to go over it again but after I get one part down I tend to miss another part I got right before. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to combat this problem I’m having? It would be greatly appreciated.

Just use the summary provided in the book. It is perfectly fine to read the instructions during the ritual. If you watch some of EA’s videos of live rituals, he sometimes reads the incantations and conjurations directly from his journal.

Because the techniques in Demons of Magick do not require a deep altered state like Theta, reading the steps before doing them will not pull you out of trance and so should be okay.

I read directly from my Kindle when I was using rituals from the books Angels of Wrath and Archangels of Magick.

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So I can just basically read the steps while I do the ritual?


It is always best to commit them to memory, but that comes with time and practice. In the meantime, it is okay to read the steps as you learn.

When I first learned evocation from EA’s Works of Darkness, the book was in the circle with me as I read each part of the ritual, because I was afraid of doing it wrong.

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My plan is to study as much as I can and practice to a point where I feel comfortable and just have notes there with me and try my best to only use them when I forget something and not rely on them for the whole ritual. Thanks for your help and advice

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: