Need help on learning healing

I want learn energy healing others.i have read many threads but didn’t find out any method. Can you help me in learning energy healing.

I want to learn type of healing to heal others with psychology ailments and negativity.

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Magnified Healing ? Reiki ?


I would like if you guided me in this field

You need to be privy to do this.

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What is the meaning of privy

If you’re looking to learn reiki, you go through a reiki course, which has three levels. With covid restrictions, you can do distance courses. Throughout the course, you’ll receive attunements from your reiki master that will open you up as a channel for reiki energy. Just google around and see what’s in your area.


If you want to learn a specific system of healing, like Reiki or Magnified Healing, you need to seek out certification.

However, if you just want to learn basic energy healing, the first step would be to learn energy manipulation. Go to Robert Bruce’s website, AstralDynamics, and get his free energy work primer.


We need certification for just learning them?
May I know what’s the reason. Does it do any harm?

No, it does no harm, but it is just like any other form of education. You need a qualified instructor, and if you actually want to practice the system professionally and help people, then you need certification.

You need to understand the theory, and have someone who can explain the nuances and problems that might occur, and that is what certification courses are for. They signify that you have a certain level of achievement within the particular system of healing.

Think of it like martial arts. If you want to open your own school and teach a particular system, you have to meet certain requirements within that system.


Anyone can read medical journals online, but that doesn’t make them doctors. Would you go to a doctor that doesn’t have his medical license? To practice medicine, you go to medical school. Same with specific healing systems, like reiki.

I am learning reiki rn. When I become a master myself, I will put it into practice. It’s not ‘dangerous’ per say, but yeah, things can go awry, as with anything, and you need that theoretical foundation to know what to to/how best to deal. Like with reiki, you have to use caution around pacemakers. You have to know what people’s mental and physical conditions are and if they are on any medications and you have to let them know how reiki energy might react with them and their specific situations.

Like DarkestKnight said, if you’re looking to learn a specific system and put it into practice, then yeah, you become a student and become certified. If you’re not looking to learn a specific system and put that into practice, then just start learning basic energy work.


Oh thank u for everyone for giving me basic knowledge about subject.I now understand it
I’ll practise basic energy working till lockdown lifts up and after that I’ll go to my nearest training centre.

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This is my MH certification


Reiki, Pranic Healing