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I have been wanting to do some Baneful Magick or at least learn how to do them when I really need to. I have been told personally by some magician friends and some reputable magicians here in my country (somewhere in Asia), that there is Karma. Also I have read some magic books telling stories about magicians/witches who got their health weakened because of the damaged they gave to other people. Now I also have read some books saying that there is no Karma. Karma in layman’s term means anything you put out or release, comes back to you. Or any harm you do to another person will also be done to you. I am really confused what to believe in. I am scared that when I do some baneful magic that something bad is going to happen to me. I need your inputs. Thanks!


I shall only speak for myself. I’m a long time practitioner of Buddhist Meditation (specifically the Forest Traditions of Thailand & Burma), with that has come a LOT of study in Abhidhamma (the nature of Mind…NOT the content of it), Buddhist Ethics, Dhamma, and Kamma. Moreover and more importantly applying all that shit in my daily life.

I am no expert however. From my own findings and from various teachers I’ve learned that Kamma doesn’t work like we here in the West (and perhaps where you are located too?) “think” it does.

I do “evil” me get “evil” in return.

Evil is a concept. In Buddhist parlance…another construct of the Mind that we as humans will fight against or defend. I used the word “defend” because it really depends on what end of the gun barrel one is looking!

There are many different “bank accounts” if you will for one’s Kamma, i.e., criminal leanings. There was a time in my own life where I may have been on the outside of the legal system (you know…the one that elects officials that are incorruptible and fair all the time right?), doing things that many would consider “criminal”.

However, I still assisted aging parents as best I could, helped out street people when possible etc.

My point is that although I may be considered a criminal I still may have done some “good”. Good is another concept and with concepts come judgements…it all depends on who you ask.

“Or any harm you do to another person will also be done to you. I am really confused what to believe in”

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Believe what’s in YOUR heart. Not your teachers, other mages, family members…etc. This plane is very cruel at times and never “fair”. With that being said, for me their are some humans that justifiably should suffer and die. I’ve had heated debates with monastics within the various Buddhist Traditions regarding such topics, and, quite frankly some of them I felt were/are dead wrong. Now, this is a tradition I really have a soft spot for.

At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter for me. My limited experience shows me that this entire Universe is subjective and I’m creating its unfold-ment moment-by-moment.

People, regular people, kill everyday for such trivial things like Nationalism, Religion, The Party, The Cause…and whatever other “Golden Calf’s” man can come up with. Are these things any different than that which you speak of?

For me, as I was taught, Kamma means nothing more than “movement of the mind”.

This is a very powerful statement. I suggest you re-read it to “see” what the statement is really saying.

Below I’ve included a link to an article by Thanissaro Bhikkhu. I’m including it because he breaks this down for the Lay community in about as clear as you can get. I’ve not only studied numerous works of his, and listened to several of his recorded work, but really tried to put this into my own life.

May you find your own truth, your own happiness, your own “movement of the mind”.

I actually made recent discovery about the nature of karma. As EA explained before, part of what we know of as karma is attachment. But that’s not the whole story, there’s a bit more to it. The other half has to do with interconnectivity, and what I was saying earlier about everything small being a smaller version of something big. The thing is sometimes when people aren’t careful they may end up attacking a smaller version of something big. This will have the same result as using a doll to represent a human target and you may end up wrecking something you didn’t want to along with your target. However if you know how to work the system, you can make this work for you. For example uhh… lets say there’s this fellow with a cake, he might be symbolic of several other things I want to do away with. If he and his cake get eaten in a certain way it will affect those other things. So what I would reccommend is do a divination first to determine if what your going to do will give you a desired result.

Thanks for all the replies. Let me check that link. How I wished I would be able to do harm to other people that harm or will harm me. All my life I was in living in fear. I let myself be abused/insulted/ or harmed by my previous boss/manager and the only way out for me then was to leave the company. I just keep myself silent and just ignore them because I needed my job and I have bills to pay etc. Sometimes I avoid fights as I fear that I may get hurt. It was not easy being pushed around, being bullied by other people. Now I am learning magick, wanting to stand up for my right and for my self respect. Thanks for again for all the replies.

In my experience Karma can only effect you if you let it manifest into your life. If you feel regret or you have compromised your own moral code the you will damage your psyche therefore weakening your self. Many can do unspeakable things with absolutely no justification at all and experience no regret. Others can do the same thing with complete justification and have disastrous results. Ultimately it will not be karma punishing you but you punishing yourself. I would say find your threshold and work within your own range.