Need help on choosing a demon

Ok so bear with me plz. I have only worked with one demon so far and the dark goddesses. I need the name of a demon who will be absolutely ruthless when it comes to any enemy. One that is capable of bringing someone to complete ruin, body and soul. Please help

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The demon Aeshma.

Thank-you rungr. So aeshma is the Zoroastrian equivalent of Asmodeus? That makes perfect sense because when I inquired to Satan, I got no answer, as in telepathic message, but I did get a mental image of Asmodeus.


Glasya Labolas

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You could also instead of asking a demon ask the Loa, the Petro Loa to be exact.

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drA’talon tortures dantalion king piamon messes with ppl heads n minds I think sabknock can give diseases n heals awesome with bane work Lucifer and enki can do all things there was one that messes with mental health but idr his name and every one else has good answers for you



Ose is the one that causes mental illness

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I am dealing with a narcissist here, that only thinks of himself and just runs roughshod all over other people’s lives, leaving their lives in ruins. I’m going to have to do more research before I do anything, but I think Asmodeus would be the most effective one.

Thx for the info. :slight_smile:

I don’t practice voodoo, but I do know a voodoo priestess. That’s a great idea, don’t know if I will do it, don’t know much about that religion. Thanks

You don’t need the religion to practice the magick. Voodoo is the religion, Hoodoo is the magickal practice.

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It just so happens I do know hoodoo, my great grandmother was very much into it, that and some other forms of folk magick. It has been years, but i remember some. She never had any interest in anything baneful, so I’m at a loss there. She believed that if you build up enough protection you have no need for it. I will definitely ask my friend about the one you mentioned, it never hurts to try