Need help! Might go to jail for something i didnt do

Hey everyone, i need some serious help here. A friend of mine and I might be going to jail for something that we didn’t do. Our lawyer fucked us over and submitted false documentation and they may come for us in the morning or so, and yes, we have a new lawyer who’s been trying to settle things but it seems to be getting worse.

I’ve tried summoning King Belial to help and even made him a sacrifice out of desperation, but doubt is starting to creep in and trying to see what other deities can help and yes I’ve looked as well on here but reaching out directly out of desperation. Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I may be the wrong person to advise on this, as I spent over a year trying to stop an innocent person being jailed, but was unsuccessful.

But I gather Belial is a popular choice for this kind of thing, so you’re likely on the right direction there.

Mebahel of the 72 angels is reputedly good for avoiding injustice at trial.

Enochian protection from Hargrove’s book universal magick is a versatile protection ritual, so you may be able to use it for protection from injustice.
Michael has a rep for protection in general too.

If you know the judge or opposing lawyer you may be able to manipulate their thinking with Dantalion or Orias.


Вelial is your choice

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Yeah, i did call upon Belial and offered him an addiction i have had for a while as a sacrifice. From what my mind was telling me that i was to beat the hell out of my addiction and offer it to him as a sacrifice. The problem that I’ve always had is doubt as i have difficulty of letting go.

I also just recently called upon, Barrashakushu, who is benevolent and maker of miracles. I offered him my blood and placed a wish in his wish box that i bought from J.S. Garrett before he and his ex seperated.

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Well, I’m still here. Not only do I think it’s safe to assume that both, Belial and Barrashashuku came through for me but Salas’ash who I called upon last week to bring some money to me came through as well.

Hail King Belial! Hail Barrashashuku! Hail Salas’ash


Congrats! Nice work. Keep going while you’re on a roll :slight_smile:


Awesome in really grateful thinga worked in your favor. That was sounding very serious. May everything get cleared up and go in your very Homage to those who assisted you inlcuding your self putting the effort and work.:trident::100:

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Well, I’m happy to report that it’s official now. My friend and I are now in the clear and don’t gotta worry about the police and law now. Our attorney got the issue resolved and we’re free and clear.

Hail King Belial! Hail Barashakushu! Hail Salas’ash! And Hail the Infernal Empire!