Need help making sense of this reading to discover the truth

So my Aunt passed away Wednesday from corona virus. Thing Is, she had been feeling bad for a few weeks before she was taken to the hospital. Something just doesn’t sit well with me on this and I feel like anterior motives played a role in her death. Now she has 2 daughters and I was doing a reading about the situation but I’ve never done a reading to discover the truth before but here’s a picture of what I drew. I was hoping someone could help me make sense of it.

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I think it might also be important to note that weeks before she fell seriously ill, I had a vivid dream during the day after dosing off on the couch. I saw a rattlesnake come from under the couch she normally sits in and it tried to bite me twice. I was able to fend it off but it was such a realistic dream I was shaking when I woke up.

Surprised this doesn’t have more replies.

The 5 of Swords at the very least implies bad feelings, animosity, etc.

I can’t tell you for sure if this was an energetic attack, but from the looks of it, you have already made up your mind. Trust your intuition, you know the situation better than us.

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I’m sooo sorry about your aunt!!! This year is crazy and I really hope she’s in a better place! She’s doing big things :fist:t3: @curiousram