Need help: lust spells backfired

been trying for a while to inspire lust in my roommate,
tried the love apple spell from the necronomicon,
invoking jinn to inspire obsessive thoughts
some psychic manipulation/visualization
the lucifer spell involving a picture and red string
e.a.s love candle spell
and i also have a picture of them with asmoday’s sigil on it (originally in red but then i learned his favorite color is black so retraced it in black. i keep picture in my phone case and sigil charges when i charge my phone.

none of this seem to really be working, or if it was, it was VERY slow. but im presistent, so slow is ok.

recently, within the past month however ive been feeling a lot of distrust?dislike? the are distancing themself from me.

events that happened that may be the cause/trigger.
first off they got a new girlfriend. and they seem to have changed some of their habits to suite said girlfriend, mostly when the go to sleep. it’s an online/long distance relationship, they are both always,on the phone via discord, thats pretty much all they do. he kinda just chats and listens while she does a bunch of other things… videogames, you tube etc etc. he used to go to sleep around 3-4 am, now he’s staying up all night til like 7-8am. =/…hygiene has gone down too, hes not showered or changed clothes(he sleeps in them too) in several weeks (though covid might becto blame for this?)

then 2 things sort of happened at once. we got into an argument i forget about what but it was a very small thing they did (something like forgetting to do their share of the chores and having to be nagged at for the 10th day in a row), but i felt like maybe giving some distance from them emotionally might be what i need to refocus qnd make progress on my enchanting. so i was angry with them for a couple days (2) but then our mutual friend/other roommate(and a female ex(my ex) im on good terms with(yes we all 3 live together because it’s cheaper on rent)) “accidentally” read my forum post concerning my progress with enchanting him. (apparently my computer “switched on”" and the thread happened to be on screen so they were curious and read it…) they then confronted me about it. “do you want to sleep with him”(in a very acusatory, almost more of a “are you trying to rape him” kind of way) which i said “no, he’s not my type”, because my ex is very anti-magic , i wouldnt say doesnt believe in it, but is very skeptical of it and out right hates the thought of it. (also hates hypnosis, which is another thing i dabble in but am not very good at due to lack of training & practice) and i didnt want to get into a very heated argument with them about “magic is bad” & “manipulating people is wrong” and “rape is not ok” (they’re an ex for a reason)
after this i continued to distance myself from him for another week or so, a little bit to cool things down and a little bit because i was legitimately upset that they apparently both dont trust me at all and think i’d rape them (i wouldnt, i’d rather manipulate them into coming to me willingly) until nessessaty dictated i stop avoiding them (you live together with someone it takes A LOT of energy to avoid/ignore them, and i like him and dont want to be mad at him, so it was emotionally draining as well to keep up that wall of anger)

im not 100% sure and cant prove that she told him(the one im trying to enchant) but since she confronted me about it, he has drasticly changed several things. distancing himself from me (this could be due to me distancing myself first) we used to play videogames together at least once a week, or have small conversations, or go outside and toss a mini football around but he just stays up in his room all the time now, almost actively avoiding me. he’s also tarted closing/locking his door when he used to leave it wide open, and sleeps with a baseball bat next to his bed, (it used to be in his closet in his room but he moved it next to his bed, pretty sure he also has one of our kitchen knives next to his bed as well). so i mean with that drastic of a change its hard not to believe that she told him?

but yeah, that’s my problem, im not sure what to do, will anything i do ever work again now that it seems like it’s all gone negative since it was discovered? i feel like the harder i try the more im pushing him away instead of bringing him close. but i also feel like if i just stop, the drifting away that’s started already will just c9ntinue,so it’s a matter of how fast they leave my life.(which i dont want them to leave at all)

You already found the problem.

You already found the solution but scared to take the step.

I say its a subconcious reaction.I once have done a love spell on my classmate, she started acting differently than what she was, had I continued I would get her but I went into a pact and dropped it.Its time for personal growth.

What do you mean they?

About rest of this,you really need to detach from all of this, things arent going good for you.Let the water clean itself, then who is to say you cant try again :smiling_imp:


so im trying too hard?

not sure what the solution is in this instance? are you suggesting i move on and forget about them? or just take a break and try again at a later time?

if later time how will i know when it’s “been enough time” but isnt “too late”?

he, person i am trying to enchant, sorry most of my friends are non-binary and ive gotten into the habit of using non-gender specific terms, they,them,person etc etc. i had to go back and re-read my post before posting to switch out all the "they"s that one must of slipped by…

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Count how many spells have you made.Spice things up.Make your aura more charming to him instead of another lust spell for example.

Do the spell & forget the spell.I know it will be hard but still.

Never forget you can state time in your craft for example : ‘He shall fall in love with me in one month’, if it doesnt happen you know it didnt work.

aura work iim not familiar with i mean ive done somecguided chakra alignment and been focusing a LOT on open my third eye, but im still very new to auras, will happily give it a try though, can you offer some guidance or where to start?

also how do i state a “time”? most/all the spells ive tried dont have a verbal component, they are just visualization, do i just visualize a time? like a,calander/clock? and how much time should i go for? i feel like a a few days might not be enough time but a month is perhaps too long?

Once a month is cool, and you can just verbally state in a respectful, commanding voice.

About aura thing, try to use search function, I think you will find what you seek there.If you cant, I will find something later.

don’t mess with room mate. you live with them. If things go wrong. It will be very uncomfortable living together and might even be force to move out. You don’t mess with your home environment no matter what. there’s plenty other people in the world. Not smart to mess with those you live with because you live there. And it can cause all kinds of entity problems in the home if things go wrong. Use common sense. Use your heart and brain not what’s between your legs. You don’t mess with those in your sacred place known as your home.


I’m 100% sure she told him lol.

She hates the idea of manipulation and magick so she warned your roommate of your workings.
She probably mentioned the rape thing too, wich is why he sleeps with a bat at his head and knives around

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I’ve had a ton of love spells / manifestations backfire big time and on some occasions, I was vibing really well with those girls. Eventually I learnt that you need some pretty powerful intent to do this and if you fuck up, you damage the existing connection. You can fuck up in pretty much all spells besides baneful and love / lust work.

You’d be better off moving out if possible. The distrust grows and gets to a point where you’re ignored.

i actually own the house (well inherited it) and they’re renting off me, so not as easy to move out as you’d think

Sorry to hear things went Bad panda. Not really sure what to offer as help since we’ve previously talked. I hope you get it figured out.

That could be the problem. You said you are persistent. You are supposed to detach. Let go after doing the techniques.

If someone does a spell or LOA after to detach it won’t be as hard to move on.

You can use Neville Goddard techniques like visualizing at the state akin to sleep, affirmations, etc. You can visualize your roommate forgiving you and believe in it. Have confidence that it’ll come to fruition.

hmm, will try? mostly i moved on and have taken a far step back and am currently slowly reading “demons of magick” b y gordon winterfield as a possible avenue to try… though i’m a very slow reader especially via a pdf on my phone,so it’s taking a while .which i don’t really see as a bad thing.