Need Help..Looking for people to work with

I have killed 2 people with curses (maybe one not sure on one of them), before i really got into magik, with the method E.A. was talking about with the Raw Hate Emotion… I have Ruined peoples lives with it, and everything i pictured during the ritual, played out exactly how i pictured it. I have had demons appear before me without evoking them… I have felt angels shine light down on me… I have seen numerous entities… I have seen visions… Astral Traveled… Had success with sigils… I have pretty much done almost every form of magic… But its all been pretty much, unintentional. I can talk to entities all day long and they give good advice (but i really don’t know their names, cause every time i ask it happens to be blank)…

I just feel like most things happen randomly… and when i put forth effort i come up short. Im from Ky, and want to know where i can go to hone my skills. I want to practice with real people instead of by myself. Or instead of spending countless hours reading about shit… i want to really do hands on stuff…

Any help on where to find seminars, or temples, or group gatherings… whatever, I’m sure they happen all the time, just not sure where to look.

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I’m with you man, where I’m at people only care about gangs, drugs, violence, etc. So I’m pretty much a lone wolf where I’m at too. But you could try a esoteric lodge, in my area that’s pretty much as close as I’ll get.

 Esoteric lodges and/or temples are great places to start.  Something that you may have already considered (or maybe not), is that the next time when you perform your magickal workings, perhaps your intent and leanings should be focused on making connections with other practioners or have the entities that you communicate with regularly, have them create an oppurtunity for you to bump into people or places that can fulfill your need for working with others along the same path.
 Also, I'm not sure what your resource base is like but the course work that

E.A. offers are worth their weight in gold!! Start with the divination course and work your way from there.

Waltyrs, those E.A courses kinda like weight nothing if taken literally :smiley:

Esoteric Lodges and temples are what I’m having trouble finding… My dad was a Mason and i wonder what kind of knowledge that can bring to the table… even tho I’m not close with him. My experience with demons has never been positive. I use to evoke them like Crowley, and would never use circles. I was in that whole (if he can do it, i can do it) mentality. I would give them free reign and that didn’t work out too good. I also was using my bedroom as my temple. I never banished or sealed it off… so negative shit leaked off on me and my family. My daughter would sleep walk, i would see shit laughing at me every time me and my wife would argue. I would feel drained and never would want to leave the apartment. I feel like a bunch of parasites came in. People who came over would feel weird and always say they felt like something was watching them. Then the last time i asked for something, it lead to a miscarriage and this horrible divorce that I’m going through now (it all tied in together)… But i can see i am on the path to what i asked for. And all the knowledge i have received through this time, has been intense. I feel that every time i have asked the demons for something, it has come at a cost! So i try to manifest things by myself. I don’t think belial really likes me too much, after i cussed him out bc of the bad shit that came from this hahaha… every time i try to talk to him i feel him looking at me like, “nah fuck you! I gave you what you asked for, and now you don’t want to take advantage of it”

what you really need is to go into nature. the spirits are stronger there, the energy of man distorts and confuses their form. as for practicing with people, i don’t advise it. it could be fun but what you’re gonna find out is that the one who goes into the wilderness comes out knowing more than those who group together wondering and wondering.

What I find is that are too many people stuck in the same rut. Imagine an army of corporals.

So even if you do find someone they are not able to push or promote you more than 5% from where you are.

That is why BALG was refreshing because it described the path with enough steps to get way past the town “Satanist” who was on page 35 of the Satanic Bible.

Sometimes you back up to get the lay of the land to make SMART use of your time and resources.

Yes I will work with others and be honest of my own place on the path.

Yes I am looking for people further on the path as well.

Well I know lots of groups in KY as I have lived in many different cities in KY but this is a really old post and the OP has not come back to respond since Oct. of 2014 so It would probably be pointless for me to post any suggestions as I doubt they would get seen.