Need help, is anyone able to communicate with the gods?

hello, i’ve come to believe ive got two gods watching me right now. Odin from Norse mythology and Mammon, the god of money. I just need help reaching out to them and asking them if it is truly them. Can anybody assist? I keep seeing spiders on the inside of my eyelids and am wondering if this is them trying to contact me. My patrons are Lucifer, Anubis and Mammon

Thank you for reading!

Well, how did you speak to your patrons to find out they’re your patrons?

Did you research alternate communication methods, like the tarot or pendulum?

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You’d be surprised how easy it is to talk to them yourself. It would be a nice gesture if you learned. They usually enjoy one-on-one the best

I was able to get through to lucifer and he told me they were my patrons. Believe it or not, I found the dude through reddit lol

thats the thing, ive got so kuch mind chatter I never know if its truly them

I see the spiders too. I feel the same way because some people talk of trickster entities. From what I have learned. If you open your heart to the true beings you want. They will show themseleves in some way or another even if its by you crying or a heavy thunderstorm right after ritual or communcation. Hope this helps