Need help immediately

I need help immediatly, I’m in some type of possession I cant even explain my life is in danger possibly other people I need some scan or I need someone to contact a diety for me please hurry

Powerful spirits or djinn took me over I can barely find the words to type I can swear to anyone in not playing around nothing gets through powerful entities or humans have taken me over and are pretending to be me

I need guns but literally nothing I do works, sheild white light banishing its all to weak

I have massive heat in my mind wherever it is if anyone can help pleae hurry

When i tried to tap into my mind my awareness kicked in and its like I remote viewed myself and saw i was being controlled im in way to deep to call on anyone

Please call a doctor or someone who is responsible in your OFFLINE life, we are an internet forum for discussing magick and we cannot assist you if you’re at risk of harm.

This page has a list of crisis helpline numbers:

And this has emergency numbers to contact for each location: