NEED HELP ! im new here

Heyy so about 1 year ago or maybe 2 by now i came across this whole demon thing … i dont really know what to call it but it’s really cool ig and sometimes a lil scary but recently i’ve been getting thoughts about working with like Lucifer and Azazel ect (btw i just wanted to say ive done NO EVOCATION , NO 3RD EYE STUFF NOTHING i just watch video and learn stuff about them.) but then again as cool as it would be to summon a demon , god , angel ect i feel like it i dont know how to act around them. I know you need to give them respect but i’m a very childish person and i can get very angry and i like to joke alot … alot and i know these spirits are very serious so i feel like they wouldn’t put up with my behaviour … fuck this is long sorry


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They work different with everyone. Your making yourself an obstacle due to fear of the unknown. You’ve already stated you know what to do, so just do. :slight_smile:

wow i didn’t think anyone would actually reply ! Thank you. Im just worried about messing up and getting the spirit upset . Also like all these evocations they have like goat skulls and you have say to all these words in an unknown language :exploding_head: and to me it looks like ALOT :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: also im very lazy and i know if a sprirt saw me they would probably think im not worth it :cry::cry: and im also erm well 15 turning 16 in 1 month and 23 days :slight_smile:

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oop im very sorry i talk alot :zipper_mouth_face:

Well, if we didn’t talk a lot we’d have no forum lol.
Just start slow, take it at your own pace. Always use the search function first because most of your questions can be asked is there. But don’t be afraid to ask questions either. And my last piece of advice, don’t be lazy. That’s like wishing to win the lottery without buying a ticket.

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Thank you for helping . Im hoping to find someone who i can talk private with about this for advice and help to get me forward . Also age isnt a problem right do i have to be like 18 to do this? Also do you know any spirits that are very nice and friendly with beginners like myself .

Don’t go into this telling yourself they won’t like you. Maybe ask Azazel to help gain more confidence? They appreciate people trying to better themselves and overcome.

its so annoying sometimes i start thing "maybe this isn’t for me and im just going to end up getting nowhere " but then im like “well i haven’t even done anything yet so i wont know until i try” one min im onto it but the next im not so sure

Your young still, you have plenty of time to figure things out. One step and one day at a time. It’s all anyone of us can do.

Magick is a tough gig and the lhp doesn’t make it any easier.



What is it you need help with specifically, private just gets you one persons opinion. This is a public forum so you will get lots of good advice. Just keep names addresses etc out of your posts

I think it’s just peoples perception of the so called LHP that creates difficulties. Everything else is pretty normal and easy going I find. but that’s just me LOL

At least you have the capacity to know you can act a bit childish. Honestly as long as you give them respect I’m sure they’d understand you were excited. In order to be able to see spirits and entities (I am still working on this) you need to practice a lot. This is the advice I wish I received earlier.

Step 1: you need to learn how to enter the necessary altered state, what EA calls the Theta/Gamma sync.
Step 2: Meditate daily
Step 3: Start opening spirit seals. Again, a simple search of the forum will provide you with the how-to.
Step 4: Choose a method of energy work and start practicing. Doesn’t matter what kind, the chakras, or qi gong, or whatever, just do it.
Step 5: Learn a banishing ritual and practice it twice daily (morning and night). Pick one that you like (maybe from Kingdoms of Flames) and start. This will help build your ability to manipulate energy, to visualize or what EA calls “structuring” and vibrate words of power.

This is in addition to clairvoyance (to “see”) and clairaudience (to “hear”) practices. Good luck!

Steps courtesy of @DarkestKnight