Need Help Identifying

There is a demon that has been connected to me since birth. However, I have zero clue who he is, and any attempts of me asking him about his identity results in nothing. The only information I have about him is what he himself revealed to me at his own accord.

What I know about him is that (obviously, like many) he is incredibly ancient. Primordial ancient, I mean. Perhaps even way before the universe, which I wouldn’t doubt. He commonly appears as floating eyes, but sometimes as an abstract darkness, Grim Reaper-like, or as a gigantic red/black dragon. No matter the form, his eyes are always the same; a deep, intense, orange color. He’s vampiric and destructive; tied to apocalyptic forces. I know he has a thing for mirrors. He’s also connected to ravens, fire, darkness (of course, but it’s super heavy in him), chaos. Lastly, his energy mainly manifests as black, but also with “highlights” of orange, gold, and/or red. There is no sigil he has shown me that belongs to him. However, he does seem to like the inverted pentagram.

Does anyone know who the heck this is?

I know this thing, it’s not ancient, it’s a liar, and it’s a very big, very nasty parasite. Egyptian sorcery gone very wrong.

Get rid of it as fast as you can. It,'s connected to the dessert troll egregore, and does not mean you well.

You’re now the 5th person I’ve seen infected with it. It goes for people with natural ability, flatters them, promises them power, then drives them insane. Kill it with fire.

It’s symbol is a black triangle with an orange eye in it, or a black snake with red-orange eyes. Any name it gives you is a lie and is different for each host.

Cleansing and banishing isn’t enough, trying to kill it will drive it away.

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He’s never done any of those things to me though. He’s never flattered me, or promised me anything, not even power. He barely even speaks. But that’s kinda concerning…
How do you know about this being?

Oh, forgot to mention he also sometimes appears as a humanoid shaped nebula thing.

Sounds like a fun time. If you really want to know the best way is to approach it. Not like it has any trouble reaching you already anyways ¯_(ツ)_/¯.