Need help Identifying being

saw the video on soul travel and it was interesting because I had this experience where I was just meditating in bed and it was not a dream state it was like I was transported in to a room and the floor was pure white marble and columns that connected to a glass dome that you can see the universe in I notice in a white throne a being who was colossal in size he had white hair and translusent skin that you can see the universe in That’s the best I can describe it. All I know is that he did not seem happy I was there and before I could say anything I was back in my bed. Do you have a clue who I intruded on?

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Metatron…? I mean, he’s associated with the highest point of the kabbalistic Tree of Life, Kether, which is also associated with Pluto.

Azrael comes to mind too because I know one form he took had white hair. And, as he’s the Archangel of Death, he told me that souls reincarnate by rising past our universe, be completely cleansed of “self” (memory, personality etc) and then are sent back down to Earth to be reborn.

So maybe you stumbled upon either of them? I can’t come up with a definitive answer, but I felt some angelic energies from your post, hence my guesses.

Otherwise, the closest description I could find on your spirit would be the demon Marbas, who is described as having white hair.