Need help identifying an entity

I had a dream a few nights ago that has left me very curious.

In the dream, I entered an old house with wooden floors. Upon entering, I felt drawn to a room upstairs - there was a strong energy pulling me towards it. I ascended the stairs, walked down a passage and into a candlelit room where I saw a pentagram painted on the floor in the far corner. It was surrounded by red candles and the air in the room was thick and filled with a strong vibrating energy. A raspy voice was chanting “wake up” very slowly, over and over. As I stepped towards the pentagram, a spirit dressed in cream/white robes with a goat or fawn’s (not sure which but it was small, blunt/rounded with short, stubby horns) skull began rising from the ground. It was like a spectre - not 100% solid. I wasn’t afraid, but I couldn’t move. Just as it was about to solidify into the material world, Sabnock leapt out of nowhere, grabbed me and carried me over his shoulder out of the house and down the road into a grassy meadow at high speed. There were hundreds of demons in the meadow, and as Sabnock put me down I asked “who was that”? One of the demons said “Sabnock”? As if to prompt him to say something, and with that I woke up with a fright and it was 3:30 am.

Does anyone have any idea who/what the entity could have been and what all that could have meant?


No…but Sabnock saved your ass though. Likely him trying to wake you up as well.


I get the feeling they thought you were asking who carried you, and NOT in the house. I think he wanted to answer you…

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It’s weird, although it was a dream I almost feel like I accidentally soul travelled somewhere. It’s really stuck with me.

Definitely, I’m so grateful that he arrived. I wasn’t afraid, I was completely memorized - almost glued to the floor waiting for it to solidify, but the instant Sabnock got me outside I felt relief and had a bad feeling about the whole thing.

Does someone have a grudge against you? To be honest it sounds like somebody was doing a working on you.

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Not that I know of, but oddly enough that’s not the first time I’ve been attacked in a dream. About two months ago, I had a dream where all the people froze except for one unknown male that started running at me with a dagger. Belial saved me from that one. I evoked him and he turned the man’s dagger on himself. Perhaps you’re right that someone has it in for me, I wouldn’t have a clue how to figure out who it is though.

I recommend that you start thinking about who…and get some shields up before bed.

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The visions seem to be a warning regarding a new path or direction. The deity in question might be Azazel as he appears in many ancient texts in association with the scapegoat rite and old biblical parables regarding a goat sacrifice. Also deers or a fawn were common sacrificial animals.

The color White is associated with light, safety, innocence, purity. It is considered to be the color of perfection. White can also represent a successful beginning…

Sabnock is a demon soldier able to deal devastating amounts of damage with his attacks. I am getting and perhaps coincides with a ritual is that you should turn to Azazel for a new begining and worship. Sabnock grabbing you and carrying you away indicates his disruption and perhaps protection with your attention to turn to a different deity amongst many others that you could worship.


Wow, that’s so interesting. I currently work with Amon, Sabnock and Belial and haven’t really worked with anyone else. I’d say my strongest connection so far is Belial, who has become somewhat of my patron. What is Azazel’s relationship with Belial like? I made a pact with Belial and wonder if Sabnock wasn’t warning me not to break it (not that I ever would).


I do not think their is a connection between the two deitys but a simple warning not to transgress and break your pact/contract with Belial if you are considering worshipping others to accomplish other goals or requests. Try and honor what you have without invoking other deitys and leave it there. Sabnock gives excellent protection and advice and builds and strengthens the powers of self and seems to be providing this warning.


i believe it to be him protecting as if to say stay with us sorta speak were you thinking about working with others?