Need help identifying an entity (kind of weird, sorry)

Hi, I need help identifying an entity that has been appearing in my dreams over the last few months. This spirit claims to be Asmodeus but I’ve never worked with him so I don’t know what he is like and I can’t tell for sure if it is really him or not. I’m not sure if I’m ready to call on Asmodeus directly for confirmation, but if this continues I may have to.

Unfortunately, I only have a few identifying details as I cannot clearly see the entity in all of my dreams. There are a few consistencies, however:

  • He has a very intimidating, masculine energy that is oppressive but occasionally trickster-ish
  • He is vaguely humanoid
  • He is usually around 8 feet tall and built like a brick house
  • I think I remember him having something resembling wings at one point
  • He has two penises
  • He does NOT have two separate sets of balls, only two separate shafts
  • The penises themselves are decent enough, but they’re a little terrifying because they’re proportional to the rest of him (very girthy)
  • He will not shut up about having two penises
  • He whips them out in every dream
  • He badmouths my ex’s cock in a really rude and abrasive way while doing this (I have not disagreed with anything he’s said though so I haven’t stopped him)
  • I have tried to have sex with him in a few dreams to see if he would shut up and every time I do I wake up feeling like someone has shoved a splintered baseball bat up my ass
  • I have since developed hemmorhoids. Coincidence???
  • He’s not mean, he’s just an asshole sometimes. He’s very direct and to-the-point
  • Sometimes he appears in the form of a giraffe and sometimes there is a dragon with him
  • on at least one occasion he has had a gun (sometimes 2)
  • He’s pretty good at math
  • He has an injured leg, walks with a limp and sits most of the time

Please help? Does this fit the description of any entities anyone here has had experiences with? Sorry it was a little TMI, I just VIVIDLY remember the two dicks thing. I appreciate any help you can offer :heart:


I think you answered your own question. This is exactly what I’d do and have done when this happened to me.
The obsession with his own junk though? Eh, not exactly useful or kingly is it? Not really seeing a match with the older texts on his appearance either.

I’m leaning lesser entity at the moment. It’s typical of them to be in love with themselves.


Yes, Asmodeus has two penises…and he is very proud of this fact.

A friend of mine, who is married to King Paimon, told me about them 'cause apparently, Asmodeus likes to try and seduce women who call upon him and he whipped them out for her :slight_smile:



The best way to determine if it is, in fact, Asmodeus is to call him up yourself and ask.


It is indeed Asmodeus who is responding to your ritual requests and is sending you a series of visions to confirm his identity. If you’re seeing a giraffe in your dream, it signifies that at this moment you aren’t able to make your plans come true. Some more time and efforts are needed to reach your goals with your welfare and happiness and conversely it shows a dragon which may be a symbol of hard work and efforts requiered to achieve your goals and face your fears with Asmodeus as a teacher who has acceded to guidance along your occult journey.

If you are still uncertain of a deity you should ask for a strong sign of his accedance and identity. Although he has given you strong and obvious signs of who it is, if you are still uncertain ask for a sign and confirmation.

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Wow! I’m so glad that other people have had experiences kind of like this (or at least that other people can back up some of these details)

Thank you all for your help so far!

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Does anyone know which type of entity has a red eyeball and blue pupils, the pupils are irregularly shaped?

I hope it’s not a problem that I’m asking here.