Need help - how to i feel a demon and differentiate from my thoughts


I have been trying ritual 2 in Demons of magic. I however cannot hear any voices etc. If i want to practice - how often should i try it. How do i build my senses.

I am trying to see who can help my get my EX-back. I am not sure if i am doing somrthing wrong but there seem to be no progress. But since 2/3 days by desire to call her has exponentially shot up from earlier. I am not able to understand if it is my primal instinct of asking me to call her or is there someone who is asking me to do so.

Any help will go a long way…

You only do the rituals in Demons of Magick once. Do not repeat it. It doesn’t matter if you can hear anything or not. Most people don’t, and it is not a requirement for successful magick. The author even says that if you are looking for a direct answer from the demon you might not get it.

In my opinion, your increase in desire to contact your target is most likely caused by your impatience and desperation for the magick to work than anything to do with the spirit.

Magick is rarely instantaneous. Just because there seems to be no progress doesn’t mean the demon isn’t working on it. You need to stop being impatient and give the magick time to manifest.


Thank you… What you said makes sense. Can you also help me with which demons i could work with for my situation.

i am sure some or many of our requests wont come true. if so how can we know what will or wont work.

I am very new and i am still learning. if any of these questions are stupid, request you to still help me as it is still knowledge for me.

I don’t recommend that book at all.
You’ll have much higher success if you use the incantations from EA and don’t constrain them with any angels and just don’t call any angels while working with them.
Not all people have developed their astral senses, so for some people it’s not possible to feel their presence. You can develop these senses though.

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in this case can i use the same book but call upon angels etc or is the there something in the book you mentioned.

My thoughts exactly


I said don’t call any angels.

No book is needed.