Need help from real deep occultist

Could we carry all the planetary talismans at the same time everyday ?
I’M ASKING this question because Israel Regardie said in his book when talking about saturn talisman, that it shoulf be wraped in an indigo silk and carry all the time. He said all the time so we should carry it all the days of the week.

The sigil of Saturn looks like the sigil of Azazel. Of course you can always wear it. Once you consecrated and give him a task or meaning of course


No but i m afraid the jupiter talisman and saturn can’t be carried at the same time. So i thought the tradition was calling to carry each planetary talisman in the appropriate day

Please answer

You need to be a real deep occultist to recognize one.

You can wear them both at the same time. But it would be better if you wear each Talisman in the appropriate day.