Need help from my fellow tarot readers who have worked with Lord Lucifer

I promised to set up an altar for him today because I asked him to show me his power and make a specific person run into me last night and it did happen.
Anyway after I set up the altar I used tarot cards to try and communicate with him.
I told him that I respect him so much and i believe in him and asked him to be my mentor and I kept getting no for an answer lol
Every time I asked I pulled 4 cards and three of them always turned out to be reversals. And the upright card was always a King of Something.
I had a feeling he was trying to say “Nope I don’t even know who you are.” or “Nope who do you think you are.” I’m not quite sure if that’s his personality tho. I don’t know if it was just in my head.
But then I asked him to tell me what to do tonight with a situation and i’ll do as he says. It’ll be my assignment. I did get an answer. I guess we’ll see what happens? Maybe try to communicate with him everyday and see if he’ll warm up to me?

I don’t use tarot, but generally speaking, Lucifer isn’t cold to the magi like that. However, bonding with him may take time. This could be a test of his, but I don’t feel like it was Lucifer that gave you that message… However, maybe a reading on that would be useful indeed.