Need help for finding new job

So i work as a kitchen chef for about 9 months it was perfect for about a month ago when my boss showed up and sayed that he needs to decrese my payment and i need work 10 to 12 hours a day for 4000 kuna(thats about 2000USD) i need to find a beter job but i cant there is high rate of unenployed persons in my stupid country and its hard to find a nice new job so i come hire to ask is there any spirit demon etc. who can bring me new job or something like that i guess thank you all for your help!!

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I believe that Du(ke/chess) Bune and Lord Clauneck are good for money, but how about trying to change his mind through Duke Dantalion?

Do you have a contract of employment, in which case you may have certain rights under Croatian Employment Laws. There may even be an implied contract; you will need to check what terms you agreed to.

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call for King Belial for the top notch job, Clauneck will definitly help you find a job asap , Dutchess Buné for the quick cash,and Belphegor for Opportunities


Yeah i have contract of enployment but here nobody holds on that if you wonth to have job you do what ever it takes to keep it and that shit( sorry for langue) makes you a robot that is why i need something diffrent like this
P.S thank you