Need help figuring out who this entity is

I had an entity speak to me in a dream like state. When I asked him for his name he said “ I go by many names.” He did however leave me a clue saying he died in an underwater Mayan cave and a carp farmer did a painting of his actual appearance. Anybody have any ideas? I have several in mind, but cannot find a painting by an artist that was a carp farmer.

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Well, one thing that is odd is that carp aren’t native to the Americas. How an Asian or European carp farmer would know anything related to someone dying in a Mayan cave is a bit…fishy?

Did you demand the name of just ask?

If this happened to me, I wouldn’t put much faith in it. It kinda gives off the vibe that it’s potentially something lower level trying to convince you it’s something special.

If it is a higher order spirit/entity that wants your attention, it should come back and be able to give credible information, instead of some random mystery. It should also have some depth to its spirit, if you know what I mean.


Just asked. And thank you… I haven’t dwelt much on it but was more curious if anything. I like a good mystery lol

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Black dragon crow and crocodile which demon