Need help evoking goddess Demeter

I need help evoking Goddess Demeter. There are multiple sigils for her and I do not know which sigil is correct. I also have a fear of imposters. I am new to evocation. My first evocation attempt fell short of my expectations. I am working on developing my astral senses. How do I evoke her to the physical plane successfully?


Where did you get this sigils, if you don’t mind me asking?


One from a magician friend and another from google.

Sigils are usually used for angels and demons since they were developed around the middle ages or so.

For the Greek pantheons they have hymns used to connect with them. I would suggest you to start from there.


How long does it take to evoke a deity physically? What ritual should be followed?

Haven’t heard any average member of this forum claiming that. So I would go for something easier that still allows you to communicate.

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Are Astarte and Demeter the same goddess?

My friend I don’t think the ancients use sigils for her and also that you can find something serious today, A simple method is to write to a paper her name to Greek: ΔΗΜΗΤΡΑ and listen to google translate her name from English Demeter to Greek- Dimitra to call her and also find to google her Orphic Hymn, can offer wine, milk,honey, olive oil, water, incense and burn blood of your finger on paper or something you can and fell good ,her color is green🟢 and is more the soul of earth than the earth, She can awake every power of you and heal


I have read is same with the goddess Isis

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All the goddesses have connections but Astarte I think is more with Greek Aphrodite -Venus

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You can find her hymn here, don’t expect physical evocation to be so easy though.


Lol, no.

This is a good way to evoke or invoke her. You can use the audio of her orphic hymn, in ancient Greek:

Or you can use her Homeric hymn, though its huge.

Because there’s no correct sigil for ancient gods. We don’t do “sigils” in the Hellenic tradition.

That’s because you were expecting to have a physical manifestation. If you don’t know how to summon a deity, how easy you think would be to get them to physical?

Her symbols are the torch and the sickle, her animal is snake, her stone is emerald and her plants are wheat, barley, willow, corn, pomegranate, beans and poppy. Other name you can use for her is Damater. So be creative.


Is Demeter related to Gaia?

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Kinda, but it’s not the same deity


Ty @Anassa


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If she appears, how can I verify it is her if she is my mother?
(Hope this comment is not wrong)

@Rav For Hellenes all divinity interconnects anyways, since the gods are multiplications of the True Being. But more specifically Gaia is the mother of Rhea and Rhea is the mother of Demeter and Demeter is the mother of Persephone and all of them are earth deities. So they are connected.

@Unknown_Person If your question is how you will verify if she’s your mother, then you don’t. Deities claim their children by themselves. Although I don’t know why anyone would want to have Demeter as their mother, some reading on Persephone’s myth and you’ll find out that she’s very abusing.

I don’t sub anymore under the belief that a human has a deity as their “parent”, it’s not what my tradition says either, so maybe there’s someone else who believes in this concept and can help you further.