Need help Creating a blessing with sun retribution symbol

Hello everyone, pls I have a question, Searched for it on this site and on google still no results.

How do I create a blessing with the sun retribution symbol (invoking enlightenment and clarity) how do I carry out this ritual or procedure ?

Merry Xmas to you all.

Hecate, azazel

I don’t understand your reply

So you want to bless a symbol? Azazel and hecate can help with that

Not really, let me explain maybe you will get it…On a spell book (necronomicons) I came across spell to break curses.

Here is how it was written on the book

Ritual- with water grind 3 gloves of garlic into a paste, rub the paste on the souls of the affected person’s shoes and on the front step of him/her home. Create a blessing with the sun retribution symbol invoking enlightenment and clarity. This will negate the spell.

I perfectly understand the first part of the ritual but the 2nd part of the ritual about creating a blessing with earth retribution symbol is the part I don’t get… you copy?

What version of the “Necronomicon” are you using? There are quite a few.

From the sounds of it, the “sun retribution symbol” is probably somewhere in that book.

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