Need help crafting a fun/joy spell

Hello everybody, I’m getting a month off of work at my job and am going to be returning to my hometown to reconnect with friends and family. I want to have as much fun as possible on my month off, but can’t find any spell advice for such a desire. your advice is appreciated :slight_smile:


You can try vual or raum. Love between friends and foes. Although vual does Romantic love but also platonic.

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Loki and Papa Legba come to mind but I would advise against working with BOTH of them.

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Why is that you advise against it

Just conflicting personalities and backgrounds. Legba is a sweetheart, but Loki, as much as I like the guy, can be a little shit. I’d advise caution whenever working with Loki. If your into crazy and possibly illegal fun, Loki is your guy. Just don’t be surprised when it goes sour…


I’ve had a pull with him so I was just curious

Maybe see which deities call you, Dionysus, Aphrodite, Pan, Hestia, Demeter & Persephone. Gods and spirits with a playful nature


Love between friends hmm​:joy::joy::joy:

Hey, I would really like to hear your opinion about love between friends. I always feel there is something behind, hidden. I’m serious.
Thank you.


What do you mean

A friend of mine just left, I wonder what does he really want. Just to talk with me for an hour or what…

I don’t know

I think it’s different for everyone

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Okay, thank you.


Craft the spell using the basic idea that “that which is above is like that which is below” - that manipulating symbolic items manipulates their larger counterparts (the voodoo doll becomes the subject of the spell, the honey jars sweetens the real-world situation, etc).

You have many recommendations for spirits that you could call upon to either inspire you, or as the overseers of the spellworking.

And I must drop in a recommendation of my Lady Hathor, she’s not just loving and strong, she also loves to party, was known as a goddess of inebiration, and of friendship and merriment, also dance, and music.

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Maybe craft a ritual where you drink a toast with the gods you’ve chosen and play some music. Create a festive environment in the ritual, maybe sprinkle confetti on your altar, make noise with noisemakers. Try to bring the feelings of festivity and joy into the ritual.

I suggest this as a regular offering during that period of time as opposed to a one-shot ritual. Maybe weekly?

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Hmmm. You have many great suggestions. Here’s another one. Make a chaos sigil deck. Basically, if you can find a good block of time beforehand, churn out 40-60 different chaos sigils that have aspects of your idea of fun. Some with family, some with friends. various scenarios depicted in sigil form for the same person, different groups of people, different combinations of people in a similar intent, add aspects of randomness or excitement with other sigils to randomly compliment the scenario sigils, and of course make banishing or negating sigils to avoid bad times and complications. Make all of these in one sitting if you can, or as close as possible, pre-charging each for a moment before you put them in a stack face down. When you are done, dispose of any written clues as to statement of intent, shuffle the sigils, and give it a week. A week before you go on your trip start pulling random sigils out of the stack. If you remember what it means then set it aside, if you do not remember it then charge that sigil up and let it loose. If you made enough of them there should be more than enough that you will not remember; it’s one of the things that makes this work. The day before your trip do a road-opener and enjoy as random fun things happen.


Have as much fun as possible??? I suggest these entities, they ALWAYS do me well.

God of Bourbon
God of imports

That should suffice :slight_smile: