Need help contacting spirit

Ok so I’m a beginner and no one has really broke it down to me to know how to get to the Cross roads or get into the state I need to enn.

I have actually went somewhere ones but I don’t know where. I was meditating (as I say the enn "for Lucifer) in a room and 10 mins later a dot appears in the middle of both eyes but my eyes was close then my room appaers and I felt a strong energy but I don’t know how to get there again.

I want someone to break everything down so I’ll know what I am doing … Plz

If you can watch television, really get into a show to where it is difficult to draw your attention away from the screen, you are able to focus.

Focus on your intent. If you are attempting to achieve a trance-like state via meditation, use either an object, a simple repetitive five or six word mantra, rhythmic movement while sitting cross-legged, a simple rhythmic beat- basic stuff. Find what will bring you back to that trance-state.


How do (you) get into that state or the state similar?..or How do I know if I’m mediating right?

I personally focus on a fire, or a flame while drumming. However, you will know once you know, through experience. Being blunt- there is no wrong way to meditate short of pure utter distraction.

I hope I cought you in time. I was meditating and I got this feeling around my body… It was similar to how I was before but I didn’t here anything in my thoughts? What am I doing wrong? I feel a type of energy but I’m not being answered…

I even did the enn chant but got nothing…

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Sometimes there is nothing to listen for, feel, smell, taste or sense outside of just simply being in a state with an entity. We do not always have to feel a sensation, a whisper- literally nothing.

It is common to not always achieve a response even when we achieve a trance-like state of being. Be content right now with the achievement of coming to this state with easier success.

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I want to thanks for giving me the idea of using a beat or some what. I used that method and got a lot of results… This is now the 2nd time I’ve gone to this state and it took me days but without you I wouldn’t have gotten there today.

How do I learn to talk to the spirit? Or know when it’s talking to me or giving me signs?

There was a song from a one-hit wonder band called Icicle Works that came out in 1984 called Birds Fly(Whisper to a Scream) that I think applies to your question. Sometimes we feel helpless, indecisive and we wish to see the signs and be able to know what they are, but in the end it takes getting hit with a brick to realize it.

I do not wish to disappoint you but the only way to look for a sign, hear a voice, to literally see a sign or hear a voice. Many here go through years without any successful contact for the most part. Some barely even feel a presence. Many also pretend, alot.

We communicate with spiritual entities by simply talking, through offering, through emotion, prayer(if you are into that), song, music- however you feel comfortable and open to.

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