Need help completing a ritual to Astaroth

So I tried a ritual last night when the moon was eclipsed. It worked but I was told I made some mistakes and could do things better. I understand I still have tonight and have received kind of instruction to do so if possible. Any tips or pointers when doing a ritual to Astaroth? I want to do right by her as much as possible with respect. I’d like to do this before midnight so I have about 2 hours or so. Can and should it be done?


I found what I needed actually with the resources on my own and info on this website. Gotta say it’s really cool to have people and resources through here as I go through my journey.


No ways, Lucifer also told me that I could have put more effort into my ritual😐

Yes you can. If you wanna give offerings, she loves Flowers and sweet things. Also there is a song called Ishtars Decent on YouTube. Play that before your ritual.


So for those who would like to know what happened to me after the ritual, i was sick and feel better, my skin was breaking out due to allergies and dust but it has subsided, I went to the dentist (for a regular cleaning) and they said I have sharper than normal longer front teeth. my right hand now has veins that form together and looks like an eye. Before I was hearing tons of just bumps in the night and things and having intense dreams, now I am at peace and have much more chill dreams. Also at times I can see the sigil of Astaroth in complete darkness if i unfocus my eyes or I have visuals of a pair of eyes watching me from the pitch black. As for communication back to me, I felt more than heard a presence telling me I’m on the right path and that doors will continue to open and I must listen to wisdom.