Need help - believe I have an entity in my home after finding an object


I picked up a strange old toy device vaguely shaped like a tamagotchi for 1 yen called an “angelscope” that allegedly said it could talk to angels. I don’t have any experience with anything in this background so I assumed it was going to be some gimmicky toy I could add to my collection.

As soon as the angelscope came into my life things mysteriously started to go wrong - family members started getting into a lot of misfortune and I had a friend in hospital dying, I kept feeling flashes of cold over me, and I kept seeing recurring repetitive numbers like 111 and 333 showing up in my life. I have started to have frequent nightmares without any history with them. I have started experiencing nosebleeds daily. Today, IMMEDIATELY upon handling the angelscope, I fell over and believe I broke my foot despite not being particularly clumsy or weak.

What kind of entity do I have in my home? Is it going to hurt me further? What do I do for my safety? Is there any way to communicate?


Destroy this item and throw it away from your home. And do a banishment ritual 2 times a day.
Do rytual until you feel relief and change for the better.

Is there any possible way I can avoid destroying the item?

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I think that it would be necessary to clean the object using white, gold or luminous energy.

U need to remove the attachment, but if it is a bind, then you must destroy the object

Thank you. How do I cleanse the item with energy? Would this harm the entity? I don’t want to harm a being that I’m not certain is attempting to harm me on purpose but I feel like I must keep myself safe too.

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video V
The Night A Demon Crept Into My Bedroom To Hunt Me

If the spirit is very harmful, do not be afraid and banish him
Banishment video

Or look in this forum for some other banishment in the search engine

Do not be afraid and have control over yourself.
Do not show fear.
You can talk to him using pendolum, ouija board, or ask for a sign during meditation and ask for clarification.
But you risk being possessed and that he will lie to you and use you.

By cleaning this item from the attachment and then banishing spirits you will not kill it.
Destroying the item if this spirits has been “bind to item” does not do anything to him, it only weakens his manifestation in your home.
Either way, do Banishment.

this is the No. 1 rule

Banishment will not hurt good spirits in your surroundings, on the contrary, they will be grateful because it will be cleaner in your home.
They will feel better.
Banishment destroys negative energies and spirits.

I hope I helped :blush:

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When an apprentice of magic binds spirit to object with a ritual, the object becomes a kind of transition between his world and this world.
Such a ritual can not be undone unless you know the exact way in which he did it.
The only way is to destroy the object and the energy “evaporates”.

Spirits can not do this, they can only put an attachment on the object that works similarly but it can be removed quite easily.