Need help badly... Situation critical

Hi all im new… I need help as I’m drowning… I need a God who will answer me right away…


Help me, pray for me to Lucifer for immediate help pls… Love all…

If you need it bad enough you could buy a ritual from BALG’s main site. I am sorry you are in a bad situation.

I’ll probably regret asking, but what is the situation?

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Welcome, @Babu_Rajshekaran. Before begging for help from strangers, please post an introduction and tell us a bit about yourself, and any magiccal experience you may have. It is a requirement on this forum.


I’ll PM you now @Babu_Rajshekaran so you can tell me about your problems, I may not be able to help but we will try if we can to suggest things, once we have understood your problem you can sort out things like learn our rules and so on. :+1:


You can’t be literally drowing so I’m gonna assume that you’re “drowning in problems”.

In that case you just need to ask one to help you. In fact just pay careful attention. At least one may have chosen you.


You are the best as always :slight_smile:

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If you’re a magician, then you’re the god who will answer. Lucifer will help, but he’s not one you can go begging too.


That was a very good answer.


@Babu_Rajshekaran, write the date down, what you need help with (intend). Meditate/Pray on that.
Then meditate to him, pray to him. If you are genuine he won’t let you down.

He always helped me, never lets me down. How stupid decisions I’ve made.
Yes I have to work for it, but he is there.

Renich Tasa Uberaca Lucifer.


I can relate here. Even though I almlst quit Magick (never abandoned him), he never left.