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Good morning everyone. So today I’m feeling like even the entities are forsaking me. I have so much drama going on in my life right now it is all getting so overwhelming. I have done a couple of layered spells and have tried to call on different entities cuz I hate calling them demons. I have tried ritual after ritual and hell I’ve even done one of the layered spells on my pillow. Yet I see nothing but still rocky roads ahead of me and starting to have to deal with the possibility of losing my son forever. Because of the shitnim going through with my oldest children my husband and his new gf. I was raised Christian and now know that it was a fake god that promised to protect but only if he was worshipped then still forsakes me all my life. Then.i got on this path and now over the last couple of months since trying my damnedest to work with these powerful entities nothing still feel forsaken. I dont know how to feel I know.its Harry Potter but absolutely no signs nothing making it’s way to sight. How do yall keep going when you feel like you are just being faith based again to something because of the things you read of sucess and dont see any. All help would be appreciated

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I have no answers i’m afraid but I feel what you do. Heck, i’ve even questioned if this is all real and if i’m just wasting my time. Just got to keep going and believing. Maybe cut the spells and rituals down for a few days and try again?

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Lust for results is killing your magick.
If you don’t have a lust for results and magick is simply not working, try another system.

It’s good to learn banishing and protection in general. If you think you might be cursed, try to take care of that first

Check out Gallery of Magick (practical for beginners), Power of Magick (also simple and practical for beginners), E.A. Koetting for evocations (more advanced).


Lust for results and you’re in the middle of a storm that needs time to dissipate.

But feeling forsaken, will also cause you to create this exact thing.

Hold the line. You’re the one now getting a creative hold on your reality, it can only occur through you holding the energy in the shape you want until it can hold itself. It takes a lot of work, years more than months really, just… keep calm and carry on.


The moon is in Pisces so I will help you. Next week the new moon will be on Taurus, this is a good sign for wealth and money with permanent results. If something goes wrong it will bounce on me, in any cases I will gain experience. What you want to gain? Contact me in private.

@SkySnows Please do not offer to “help” others in private. You are in breach of the rules of this forum which prohibit new members from offering any sort of magick to members until they have been active for a minimum of 90 days. Plus, you claim to be a beginner in your introduction, so I’m not sure what kind of help you can actually offer.


Yes I am wondering if they are real or not. And yes if I am just wasting my time again in my life. I know I’ve been believing for 18 months and still nothing no change just going from bad to worse. So how much longer do you believe isnt that just like saying the Christian god has you which I know is bullshit and have seen that first hand in my life. So again do that with these entities and how long do you have faith before it starts to wat you up like the fake Christian god. It’s a sad day when you wake up and feel that your whole world is falling apart and all your abilities are just as fake and all the powerful entities feel just as fake and that you are so bad of a person that even the demons of hell have forsaken you. I read all these success stories and ask why am I so bad that they wont help me. And unfortunately with all the shit going on right now in my life I need something to believe in yet feel like it is all in vain. I wish I could post a success story instead I am posting doubt and not knowing anymore. And as bad as it is I cant stop the rituals hell I’ve even begged these entities like I use to beg the fake god for help. Is there just some people who are damned to be forsaken even by demons. I have cut myself more times than I like to give blood and have given sexual energy, offered pacts, and even offered to teach the path to others including my 9year old child. The only bad thing is I don’t have a lot of time to wait for this to be fixed this is one of those immediate things when it comes to losing my child. Really trying to figure out 2 things how to really fuck.up the people who are doing this to me and how to.mind manipulate those who are running this to get my son back quickly before there is too much damage done to.him and his psychie

If I help others I gain experience. If I chat for 90 days I waste my time. Experience is the best teacher.

Christian God is real so other Gods are real. The question is what path you wish to choose? Do you want to be free or do you want to be a slave? Do you want to be powerful or to be weak? There aren’t good or bad paths, just the path you choose to walk on.

I’m going to suggest something that has worked for me several times (dozens, actually). When I find that I’m hitting up against walls at every turn, it’s usually because I’m trying to fight the path I should actually go down.

I stop resisting. It takes some faith in your Higher Self or a Deity, or whatever you want to think of it as, but not long after I stop resisting, it becomes clear what I should be doing. With or without petitioning entities, as I started this LONG before going down the LHP.

It’s not the same as letting Fate take control or in giving it up to others. It’s not about not facing your problems and fighting through them. This is when the walls are up on every side and you’re taking more steps backwards than forwards.

Eventually, you start seeing the signs before everything goes to shit and can look for the options you may have overlooked.

Maybe it’l help. I had to use it last year to get back on course.

Thank you for the advice and that has been what I have been trying to do. I am trying to follow what ever path is before me. I just cant lose my son to the ex and his gf and for my two grown daughters to be working against me it just brings me down alot. And then not working and now going to have to move it just seems like even though I am following my path that there are still so many walls still being put up around me that I cant break through them all. Thank you for the advice it is appreciated @anon39079500

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I get that, BUT if we let the 3-month rule slide, the forum is open to exploitation by spammers (collecting contact details by offering free readings) or even scammers, for whom date of birth or mother’s maiden name is a trip to the bank.

We’ve even had members who were banned for abuse come back with a new “persona” and offered readings to entrap the very people they were harassing before.

So, there is NO wiggle room on this, sorry, because if we start making exceptions then the whole system will stop wortking, and we’ll have some very malicious characters showing up to have their fun.

  • Please respect our rule: it’s not meaningless bureaucracy, it exists to eliminate and avenue of abuse that happened for real, and could happen again.

Rules should be adopted by everyone in part. Every person can teach you a very important lesson. A scammer/spammer can teach you to be more careful in full trusting other people.

That’s why the rule is in place, because it’s happened before and taught the forum to be careful with trusting members. Once you get through the 90 days, you’re good to go. We’ve all had to do it


I’ve closed this account, it’s as good as “I will not follow the rules and will come up with elaborate philosophies as to why” - we don’t just have rules for no reason, and they are NOT optional or to be taken in part.


That’s fine, however you agree to abide by the rules in order to maintain the privilege of being here at all.
So are you an oathbreaker as well now?.. not a good look for someone that wants people to trust them with thier private information.

If that’s how you feel, you know, there are other forums that don’t have this rule and you can ‘help’ by scamming them, or whatever, there.

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