Need help and advices for death curse

hi!i have a leaches witches problems:(
my story is this,we(me and my mom)have a witch relative and another whitch who won’t get off our back.
we did 3 binidng spells,1)freezing chili black pepper spell. 2)freezing spell with black string.3)binding black string around paper and photo in saturn hour and buried them spell.
they work and can’t harm us but the problem is those 2 bitches won’t leave us alone!!!one of them is an old hag
which somehow we do the spells and then checking with the tarot spreads to see what’s happening with them they almost seem to be on verge on crazyness and almost finished but after 2,3 they like regenerate themeselves
and like nothing happens!!!
so now we want to evocate(yes my mom also wants to evoke someone)so i’m thinking
about: azazel,astaroth,belial,dra’talon…i’ll help her to open the sigils.
the trouble is it’s the first time for both of us so i need all the help i can get.i’ll probably google about it
and search here but if anyone has another speel plz pm me we’ll be happy to get more ideas about how
to get revenge on those 2 they just became impossible to bear any more.
the old hag went to 4 islamic witches 23 years a go to get back at my mom beacause my mom couldn’t
give her 1 m dollars she didn’t have(her father years ago with his stupidity told them cause he hated them that his brother
was rich like d.trump when he was completely broke)he died a couple of years later and now we stuck with her and his shit.and the courses,last night we saw in the the cards that she’ll try to hex us on 3:00 am my mother opened the cards at that hour to see and guess what the “the lady” sitting and trying to curse us.
we are really tired of them and we want them dead.enough is enough!!!
any advices? please??? we’re tierd them desperate and damn angry!!!

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