Need help/advice on circles

Hello all, I’ve read numerous books and searched the forum about this but can’t find exactly what I’m looking for. Sorry if it has been mentioned somewhere on the forum and I just haven’t found it.
I am new to the LHP, and want to be sure I don’t attract any malevolent entities when I practice. I’d like to craft a circle (with paint on fabric) but every photo of the circle of Solomon I’ve seen is too small to make out the lettering & symbols. I read that using catholic/Christian names are offensive to demons, but then I’ve also read that it isn’t true. :confused:
Can I please have suggestions on protective names and symbols I can use, (can they be from any religion?) or a detailed photo of the Solomonic circle.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Why not make a Universal Circle instead of the Solomonic one? There are many threads showing DIY circles.


I have seen the universal circle, just wasn’t sure what the lettering/symbols were enough for me to ably copy them. I’m no Picasso. :sweat_smile:
I’ll search for DIY circles, thanks for the suggestion.

I just call upon the Elements when casting my circles. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary. Your intent is was truly matters.


Checkout: Universal Circle by E.A. Koetting.


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I use Circle of Heka by Enoch Petrucelly. It is nothing you draw; you call on the Neteru and Azazel in the four cardinal directions.

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Could you please send me a private message? I don’t have the option to do so yet.
Thanks in advance.

There are many different circles of protection you can use, personally I have one that I designed with my wife and dedicated to King Paimon since he is my patron. Find out what current of magic suits you best and look along those lines of magick protection to help guide you. Hope this is some what useful.

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When i was working with the grimoire tradition i used the circle that J.S.K. suggest in his “true grimoire”. Now that i moved on to spiritual Satanism i call the four crowned princes of hell, each one in his direction casting an inverted pentagram in the air and chanting his enn. And when i am done with that in the middle i call Satan chanting his enn, and then i go on with my ritual.

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The correct circle for demonic workings is
W Azael
S Samael
E Azazel
N Mahazael

From West to north, counter clock-wise as HVHY calling Chavajoth, Satan. In the triangle should be written from lesser right corner LU right corner CI FER in the top.

Atah Gibor Leohlam Satan!