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Dear Friends

I am currently undergoing some health issues and depressed due to the same. I am under medication, doctors do not find anything significantly wrong but I have various problems. I follow a relatively healthy lifestyle, don’t have many vices. I have tried some healing practices (myself and through healers) such as Reiki, Qigong, Yuen Method etc., but have not found much help.

Are there are healing practices (that are accessible to a beginner like myself) that folks here can recommend? Also, I would be really interested if there are folks who offer healing services, divination, sigil work etc. That could be of help.

Appreciate your help.

I’ve had success with the methods of Quantum Touch, author Richard Gordon. It is on the level of intention, and moving energy assisted by breathing techniques.

I also have had success with the book Heal Your Body, author Louise L. Hay. That works using affirmations and changing thought patterns to manifest changes.

I have also had success using the methods of Frank J. Kinslow, Secrets of Instant Healing. This one uses a method of connecting with a deep level of consciousness where everything is already perfect and allowing that to permeate the physical.

I have also used Invocations of Archangel Raphael with success, but mostly with healing others.

For a beginner I would recommend the Quantum Touch method, as he gives some good basics that provide other benefits, and I have seen complete newbies make good advances in healing with it.

EDIT. On a side note I have found colloidal silver to be of great benefit . I have even seen it temporarily cure health issues in people with Auto Immune Deficiency.

Have you considered the option of being cursed ?

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Thanks Narius, I will check these out

Hmm, not so far, but that’s a possibility! Any advice what to do next? Seek the help of a mage to investigate this possibility?

Hmm, not so far, but that’s a possibility! Any advice what to do next? Seek the help of a mage to investigate this possibility?[/quote]

Yup. Having a reading done can tell you whether or not you’re under someone’s workings.

Anyone can recommend a mage or ritualist who does divination or sigil work etc? Thank you

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