Need guidence figuring out how to Target my foe

So I’m just wanting to do a massive curse upon the people responsible for my suffering I endured from beIN a targeted individual, I dont know which organizations were actually involved.

I drew a tarot card or myself on the concept of the effect if I do the mass curse while under shrooms and go the Queen of pentacles,

Be confident that if you express your truth, you will not have to worry about the consequences. You will remain safe and sound

So that gives me extra security and all other reading I’ve done about spirits helping me all seem to say yes when I act they will help.

So if anyone would give any ideas about how to Target them that caused my torment that would help I project energy over the whole planet when I’m able to connect like I’ve watched the sky change color and everything with shrooms I should be able to project over the planet and just need ideas or wisdom how o onlbtarget those that are actually responsible for my suffering, I need to make a point to then I can hurt them and that they need to compensate me bribe me for m fogiveness because I allready placed damnation curses through Jehovah on them have had two physical sighns to prove that.

I also need advice on where to start on the whole cursein thing for mass target and in general my magic experience has been physical magic like levatation or things like that befor the torment started, it’s basically over but I fear if I never show them I can hurt them or get them to give a bribe I’ll have the peace of mind it will Neve happen to me again.

I think if I do a word o the day where I reconnect to a base emotion for hate over an entire day just keep focus on understanding appreciating realizing when it’s needed, it’ll help me alot be able to project my power.

So I need a small how to material wise and what to focus other then the basic black candle spell used for a curse.

When on shrooms I’ve projected my emotion befor on an entire two story building when they first did the torment to me while at a party every single person left the building once the entire area turned red I oppologised then the red went away and everyone came back. reconnecting to hate should allow me to re grasp that power as a weapon I’ll most likely do a day of despair aswell to be able to use my past emotion from how It made me feel.

So I know I have some of the spirit realm that will help me they have just been waiting for me to do the action myself.

Anyways I’ma post this befor I blabber more thanx for reading and contributing in anyways you can.

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Thanx Lady_Eva for the edit I didn’t keep my mind on appearence and had it all jam packed together.

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Have you tried asking trusted entities to direct your working as you empower it? I did a baneful working once where I knew what I wanted to have happen, but didn’t have know how to target an individual (or a few) over this situation. I approached Belial and Abaddon about this and they suggested asking for their help to focus the effort, while I fueled it. Perhaps something similar could work in this instance?

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That was my main hope for being able to Target them but I can’t hear the spirits yet so I won’t know if they were willing to help me in that way befor doing the curse

You could try using a pendulum or scrying mirror method. You could also ask for signs not just in the ritual, but also that they agreed to help you with your workings.

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I never considered this. If I ever needed to do any baneful work, I will try this method.