Need guidance. So many questions! Ket and lsd trips?

Hi guys,

So this all started when I took LSD. I had taken it plenty of times before but I had recently been trying to open my 3rd eye. I had a really bad trip and felt possessed and kept getting visuals or death and demons. Eventually a friend came over to calm me down and I then felt like I was an avenger.

The whole ordeal was so frightening and I took LSD a few times after to experiment and still felt this evil presence. It was at this point that I felt like there was definitely something there haunting me as it was now the 4th time and I felt the exact same feeling consecutively. I was happy because I knew there was a reason and I wasn’t going crazy so at the same time I was excited to figure what this all was

I was then at a concert and felt this evil and decided to ignore it. When the strangest thing happened and I started seeing patterns and symbols. I then saw an alter and charged it somehow. I was then able to see energy and breathed in different lights as well as being able to breath out black energy. I then saw an image of the Pope and I asked to get this evil energy off me and to forgive it. Which I felt lifted it off me

After finding this forum and googling multiple things I believe I was able to see energy and expel negative energy through breathing much like the techniques I see on here about chakra and creating a sphere of protection and love etc.

I think that I tapped into what I believe was the 5th dimension because the patterns I saw were the exact same images as I saw in videos explaining it when I tried looking for answers and I had never ever seen these before.

I have used the forum Search function and found lots of information but I still don’t know where to start. I have been meditating and trying to open my chakra points but so far the only progress I have made is to feel a tingling sensation between my eyebrows which should be my third eye. I haven’t tried any other techniques as I dunno where a beginner should start and what is safe to start trying.

I looked at the purple beginner thread and other beginner threads but haven’t been able to accomplish anything yet.

I also take ket regularly and before trying to open my 3rd eye I was only able to have random dreams. But now I can astral project and see vortexes. Twice I was able to see my third eye and my heart chakra. But they then disappear and I start again from scratch. What am I doing wrong? Also when I astral project and go to other worlds I get attacked as if psychically.

I have decided to go vegan as I’ve heard the pain inflicted on animals lowers your frequency when you eat it. I also drink apple cider vinegar 3 times a day. I have ordered some chakra stones for help with meditation and I will be getting some turmeric powder to apply at night on my forehead.

Whenever I take LSD now I just get evil images of torture etc. As well as faeces and such. Can anyone help with these topics? Sometimes the more I focus on them the more they evolve and eventually they kinda of evolve from their original firms and then turn into nano particle type cyborg versions much like black panther from avengers but a armoured version of a deamon

My other question involves. Wealth. I see people are doing magic and have jobs etc. But then if they are able to do magic and gain wealth. Why are they still working jobs? Why are there spells for wealth in the NAP book and then there are stories of people getting promotions using NAP rather than just manifesting money?

Sorry for the long post and any guidance would be very appreciated!


Trips are extremely personalised on a soul/psyche level, works as a gateway to other parts of the mind, realms and reality prolapses which I consider ego-splits or deaths which I’ve experienced a few times.

Have a benzo in handy. It does wonders. Consciously you know you have a benzo in handy as well when you’re tripping so you feel this comfort behind your suspenseful trips. Intrusive thoughts are one thing, and tapping into other frequencies is another.

One has to accept and ride out these experiences to learn from and to delve deeply into the experience that there shouldn’t be any resistance in the first place. This helps quell the bad trips.

Look I could ramble on the this shit but cannot be fucked. Trip wisely and do it at the right time. If it tastes, the tab ain’t LSD. Just in case you didn’t know.

Happy exploring!

Also, to your question about wealth, etymologically speaking cash flows like current in a river which is why it’s deemed currency, people spend money to make money, cash persistently flows and one can invest in it or work a job of passion. It’s better to work than have 24/7 holiday in my eyes. Doesn’t matter if I was loaded. I’d need to divert my attention to some kind of contribution or devotion.

Thank you for your reply lighthowlite

I think I understand what your saying. But what I don’t get is why I have the same experience every time now. When it had never happened before? And they are consistent now. I also haven’t been in a frame of mind or even pondered the thought of evil for it to spontaneously appear and haunt me again and again. Especially when I’m out at a concert and it just hits me.

I believe there is definitely more to what I’m experiencing on these trips. I have read that drugs can open your chakras widely and let u be prone to certain energy attacks. I have ordered a book called psychic defence and it seems to confirm everything that I had believed to be true and also relates to a lot of things discussed on this forum. I’m only at the beginning of the book so maybe more things will come together as I read on but was hoping this forum wld help with answers too and help me to progress quicker.

I did realise I had Xanax and was able to take some to sleep twice. When the evil presence was too much. Thank you for that suggestion

Also with the wealth question. Wouldn’t manifesting money first help you with a bigger goal to create Ur own company and then help others or do whatever it is you wanted to do and be Ur own boss?