Need guidance or just, anything

So this isn’t really something I enjoy doing. Iv always hated reaching out to others for help, but right now I don’t know what to do.

Recently iv been doubting my faith, stopped working with Lilith because it just didn’t seem right. Started to feel drawn to Lucifer, but today everything just fell apart. I lost nearly all my friends, boyfriend and I broke up. Things been stressful, been depressed. It’s bad, worse than usual. Now I’m stuck with nothing but pain and isolation.

Losing my boyfriend was probably the worst part because iv craved and yearned for a soulmate. A guy to spend my life with. Really thought this guy was the one.

I need something, guidance, advice, a scan, a tarot reading, I don’t know and I don’t care it’s just I don’t know who else to reach out to, so I’m trying here.

I really hope I don’t sound needy or anything, I just feel like I’m slowly losing it.

I can relate to you. In the past week making a pact with Baal, I’ve had arguements with loved ones, physical injuries that caused me to slow down, lost favor in my work place, had a government agency in my household, enemies rise up from every direction, dreams of my past failures, and pretty much had to stew in my darker emotions. Why? To give me perspective on what is important in my life and worth putting up a fight for. It seems like we have to be burning in our own personal hell in order to see things clearly and ask those uncomfortable questions. Then we can crawl out of the pit more sure of ourselves and what we truly want.

Stay strong and brave my friend, in order to find that light within the shadows.

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It seems like your path is getting cleared for the light maybe you lost those obstacles to make you path clear, spirits work like that sometimes they turn upside down to bring good to your life
I hope everything will be fine just stay strong my friend

I have found my path has changed many, many times in my life. Some higher beings will always be with you, some come and walk with you a while then move further away when new ones step up. This is the way of the spirits. You never truly lose any that walk with you, it’s just that sometimes they walk very close to you and other times they are further away. Do not be afraid to explore new paths and meet new gods/goddesses/angels/demons/spirits, ect. You never know who is calling. They may be preparing you for a big change in your life. Most of my spirits rip everything in my life apart so they can rebuild it (and me) better and stronger than I was before. Transitions suck, but sometimes they are necessary for our growth.

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