Need Gentle Encouragement

Hi Everyone, I’m setting a magical challenge for my self. Tomorrow I’m starting to do a little magik daily so my magikal abilities can grow steadily.

I have a number of realistic goals.I have a good basic flexible ritual. It should take about 10 - 15 minutes.

I’m going to use this forum to post daily how it’s going. Am I sticking to my daily practice. Eventually, Am I getting results.

I’m Wiccan and I’ll be working mostly with the Goddess Cybele.

So Blessed be to everyone.


Good luck in your endeavors.

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I wish you all the best.

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Thank you!

Well I got up this morning at 5:30 AM and I did my ritual. I’ll write more later on how my day goes.


Nice good practice!

Keep posting brother

Do you mind sharing your ritual? I can feed you some of my high quality focused attention if you’d like?

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Oh wait I just found it while browsing your replies in other threads. I think you have a good grounded system and your aim is true. You will find subtle results from this practice, subtle but noticeable. It’s good that you’re doing it everyday to train your bodily temple in the way of the wyrd. I would love to see a picture of you if u want to pm me, so I can better calibrate who to send my blessings to.

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I was thinking people probably want to know the ritual I’m using. So even though I’ve posted it else where on this forum I’ll post it again so no one has to go searching my other posts I’ll re-post it.

I usually do this ritual just before dawn (because on a daily basis that’s when the veil between the worlds is thinnest) when I greet the directions I start in the south and go clockwise so I end up facing east. That way I don’t have to read in the dark. Also I greet the elements separately from the directions because different systems assign the the elements and directions differently. I also do this ritual at the new moon and I adjust accordingly.

Oh, I almost always do my rituals outdoors and (weather permitting) barefoot.

Great Goddess Cybele Magna Mater, I greet, honor, worship you. (pour libation on the ground)

Spirit of the South, I greet you.
Spirit of the West, I greet you.
Spirit of the North, I greet you.
Spirit of the East, I greet you.
Spirit of the Sky, I greet you.
Spirit of Mother Earth I greet you.
Spirit Within, I greet you.

Spirits of the Air I greet you.
Spirit of the Water, I greet you.
Spirit of Fire, I greet you.
Spirit of Mother Earth I greet you again.

Ancestors I greet you.
Spirit Helpers I greet you.
Guardian Angel I greet you.

Trees I greet and All the Forest Plants I greet you.
Animals of the Forest, Birds of the air and fish in the water I greet you.
All the Forest and Nature spirits, I greet you. (pour libation on the ground)

Great Goddess Cybele, Blessed Mother, I evoke you Pause and sense her presence
Thank you coming here to my ritual and Thank you for all you have given me.

Here is where I do my magical work.

Then I usually end my magical work with:
I ask for the best Spirit Helpers who are qualified to help me in every phase of my life.

Blessed Mother Bless myself and my family surround us all with your loving protection. Thank you for being here for my ritual.

Birds of the air, Aimals of the forest, and Fish of the lake thank you for coming Trees and all the Forest Plants thank you for coming. Forest and all the Nature Spirits thank you for coming
Guardian Angel thank you for coming
Spirit Helpers thank you for coming
All my Ancestors Thank you

Spirit of the South, thank you for coming.
Spirit of the West, thank you for coming.
Spirit of the North, thank you for coming.
Spirit of the East,thank you for coming.
Spirit of the Sky thank you for coming.
Spirit of Mother Earth thank you for coming.
Spirit Within,thank you for coming.

Spirits of the Air, thank you for coming.
Spirit of the Water, thank you for coming.
Spirit of Fire,thank you for coming.
Spirit of Mother Earth thank you again. (pour libation on the ground)

So that’s it. You Know I guess I don’t usually cast a circle although I feel very protected.


Ok, I’ll give every one a recap of my Day.

Got up at 5:30 AM, Then made breakfast, got the kids off to school, went to work, Brought the kids home, made supper. helped with school work, cleaned up kitchen, got the kids a snack and off to bed. Now I’m ready to flop into bed myself. Blessed be to everyone and thank you all for all the good energy and prayers.

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Good luck!! <3

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Well today i got up at 5:30 AM and did my ritual, Made Breakfast, Got the kids off to school, Work, got off Work early to take kids to medical appt. Then over to their Dad’s. He and I get along much better now that we’re divorced. They’ll be back Friday after school. I flopped down in front of TV ate snack food for supper. tomorrow I’ll write about how the rituals are going and and results. Blessed be Everyone!


OK I have off a day so I slept in until 9:00 AM. Will write more tomorrow evening.

Well last 4 days I haven’t done my morning ritual, I got busy with everyday mundane life. Oh well that happens. Tomorrow is a new day.

I’ve learned a few things about spell casting on a daily basis at dawn. I learned these things from reading this forum. I had been doing a spell casting for every thing I want to work on in my life all at once and repeating it daily.

Yesterday I just chose 1 thing that I want to improve in my life and then letting it go. Already I am seeing results. I wanted to banish procrastination, be more industrious and have more stamina to be more industrious.

Wow, I worked really well.

Some skeptics (and I am not a skeptic) may say it was just the power of suggestion. Well I had been doing affirmations up the yazoo to no avail. Blessings to all.

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