Need experienced help

I’ve tried but everytime I try, an intentional interruption occurs to stop me it’s fucking insane. So, any help is appreciated. If it’s found to be some crazy/messed up crap please pm me


Im unsure the help you need need more details to help…

Not clear what you are expecting

Had a reading done a month ago by someone and Belial appeared to them explaining some personal things they channeled so I know it was legit. Those names are tied to spirits going back to the elder gods and possibly before them. Karunath in particular concerns me and his title is the “The World Ender”. I’m just asking for help to see if anyone can do some deep divination and see whay they pull up.

“Some spirits get forgotten through time, others wait in darkness until one of their own come looking for them” was another message for me pertaining to this so I decided to stop being a pussy and start digging lol